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THO — TUL 143
Thorns, George, draper, Highstreet
Thorns, George, shipmaster, Murraygate
Thorns, William do. Queenstreet
Thorns, P. H. Town Chamberlain, agent for the Forfar-
shire and Perthshire Insurance Co. &c. Cowgate
Thomson, Rev. James, Meadowstreet
Thomson, James, mealseller, Hawkhill
Thomson, James, sen. merchant, Murraygate
Thomson, James, manufacturer, Perth-road
Thomson, James, mason, Seafield
Thomson, James, teacher, Rose-lane, Small's wynd
Thomson, Daniel, mason, Perth-road
Thomson, Ales. do. Murraygate
Thomson, Alex. do. Perth-road
Thomson, Andrew, shoemaker, Wellgate
Thomson, Andrew do. Seagate
Thomson, George, painter, Highstreet
Thomson, George, grocer, Ovei'gate
Thomson, William, boot and shoemaker, Murraygate
Thomson, William, mason, Perth-road
Thomson, Robert, merchant, Murraygate
Thomson, Peter, merchant,Cooper's Alley and Rose-angle
Thomson, Peter, church-precentor, Perth-road
Thomson, John^ raanutkcturer, Park-wynd
Thomson, Walter, auctioneer, Castlestreet
Thornton, Robert, merchant, Perth*road
Thow, Thomas, writer, Castlestreet
Todd, John, seedsman, Nethergate
Todd, John, manufacturer of cotton and linen shirting,
Todd, John, baker, Overgate [&c. Castlestreet
Todd, John, ship-master. Butcher row
Tomlinson, Ttiomas, flesher, eastside Hillton
Torbet, Robert, upholsterer and auctioneer, Highstreet
Tosh, William, ship-master, Craig
Tosh, Duncan, vintner, eastside Hillton
Tosh, James, wright and grocer, do. do.
Tosh, James, baker, do. do.
Tosh, Charles, shipmaster, Tindal's vynd
Town-House, southside Highstreet
Town Clerk's Office, Town-house, do. do.
Town Chamberlain's Office, P. H. Thorns', Cowgate
Trades' Hall, east end of Highstreet
Tullo, Henry, draper, north side do.

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