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142 STE— -THl
Stewart, David, spirit-dealer, Townhouse, and nursery.-
man, near Wallace toll, Forfar road
Stewart, Neil, shoemaker, Hawkhill
Stewart, Andrew, teacher, Blinshall street
Stewart, Mrs. Dr. Nethergate
Stirling and Martin, merchants. Bain's square
Stirling, Robert, merchant, Rose-angle
Stool, Alexander, manufacturer, Chapelshade
Stormonch, Alexander, M.D. Taystreet
Strachan, Robert, manager Exch. and Dep. Bank, Castle-
Strachan, Alexander, Springfield [street
Straton, William & Co. Foundry, Whale-lane
Straton, William, librarian and grocer, Hawkhill
Stratharen, Alex, tailor, Overgate
Storrier, Thomas, west end Fishstreet
Sturrock, John, clothier, Highstreet
Sturrock, John, vintner, Butcher-row and Fishstreet
Sturrock, Andrew, grocer, Scouringburn
Surveyor of Taxes Office, M), near top St. Clement's lane,
Syme, Antlrew, teacher, Nethergate [Highst,
Syme, Mrs. druggist, Overgate
Symers, Colin, collector. Customhouse and Murraygate
Symers, John & George, B. L. Company's Bank, do.
Symers, John and George, wine-merchants, do.
Symon, Adam, machine-maker, Magdaleneyard-road
Symon, John, account. Exch. and Dep. Bank, Castlestreet
gwinton, John, manufacturer, Perth-road
Xarone, Anthony, weather and looking-glass maker, Mur-
Taws, Alexander, hair-dresser, Overgate [raygate
TaWs, Alexander, manufacturer, Blackness road
Taw3> Mrs. grocer, eastside Hillton
Tawsc' James, manufacturer, do. do,
Tax-O^ces — see page 38
Taylor, William, shoemaker, Overgate
Taylor, William, shipmaster, Craig
Tavlor, James, machine-maker and mill-spinner, Wind-
Taylor, James, shoemaker, Overgate [mill-brae
Taylor and Son, hatters, Nethergate
Taylor, Andrew, gardener, Seafield
Thain John, commission merchant, agent and insurance
Thain] James do. do. do. [broker, Cowgate
Theatre-Royal, westside Castlestreet
Thistle Lodge, westside Barrackstreet

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