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Soot, James, mercht. New Inn Entry and Dallfield Walk,
Soot, David, grocer, Overgate [Chapelshade
Souter, John, grocer, Witch-knowe
Souter, Robert, shore-master, Seagate
Souter, James, manufacturer, Cowgate
Spalding, Thomas do. Chapelshade
Spalding, James, shipmaster, Tindal's wynd
Spankie, David, teacher, Hawkhill
Spankie, James, clerk, Seafield
Spark, John, vintner, Fishstreet
Spence, William, manufacturer, eastside Hillton
Spence, John, vintner, Fishstreet
Spence, Miss, Miln's Buildings
Spink, Peter, shipmaster, Craig
Spink, John do. Highstreet
Spink, Robert do. Fishstreet
Stalkers, Peter, hair-dresser, Castlestreet '
Stalkers, Mrs. Alexander, Seagate
Stamp-paper Ofiice, westside Castlestreet
Stark, David, manufacturer, Bucklemaker wynd
Steel, Andrew, grocer, Highstreet
Steel, Andrew, hair-dresser. West-port
Stephen, John, jun. architect and surveyor — OfRce, Mea-
dew-side — house, 3d flat above Stamp-office, Castle
Stephen, William, cabinetmaker, Meadow-side [street
Stephen, George, ironmonger, Highstreet
Stephen, George, wright, Kingstreet
Stephen, James, surgeon, Murraygate
Stephen, John, wright, Nethergate
Stephen, Robert, tailor. East Chapelshade
Stephen, Miss, milliner, St. Clement's Lane
Stephens, Miss, Morgan's Buildings, Nethergate
Stephens, Alexander, bookseller, Horsewynd
Stewart, Thomas, glover, Highstreet
Stewart, John, shoemaker, Barrackstreet
Stewart, John do. Nethergate
Stewart, John, teacher of dancing, Tindal's wynd
Stewart, John, flax-dresser^ Small's vvynd
Stewart, James, lime and coal merchant, Seagate
Stewart, James, Guard Fife Coach, Barrackstreet
Stewart, James, manufacturer, Cowgate
Stewart, James, grocer, Perth-road
Stewart, J. manager of Dudhope Nursery

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