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Small, David, vintner, Swan's close, Highstreet
Small, Andrew, tin-plate-worker, do.
Small, Andrew, tidewaiter, Castlestreet
Smart, Thomas, sen. writer, Overgate and Chapelshade
Smart, Thomas, jun. do. Highstreet
Smart, David, ship and insurance broker, Cowgate and
Smart, James, shipbuilder, Seagate [Seagate
Smart, Mrs. toy-shop, Murraygate
Smellie, Thomas, cabinet-maker, Nethergate
Smith, Henry, organist. South Taystreet
Smith, James, merchant, Murraygate
Smith, James, yst. grocer do.
Smith, James, manufacturer, Hawkhill
Smith, James, wright, westside Hillton
Smith, James, clothier, Highstreet
Smith, James, wright, Murraygate
Smith, James, baker, top of Seagate
Smith, James, jun. flesher, top of Couty's wynd, Nether-
Smith, James, manufacturer, Cowgate [gate
Smith, John do. do.
Smith, John, draper, Murraygate
Smith, John, manufacturer, eastside Hillton
Smith, John & Son, do. do. do.
Smith, John, wright, Hawkhill
Smith, John, manager. New Spinning-mill, West Wards
Smith, Francis & Son, manufacturers. Small's wynd
Smith, William, shipmaster. Castle Court
Smith, William do. Fishmarket
Smith, William, smith and iron-merchant, Castlestreet
Smith, William, cork-cutter, Overgate
Smith, Patrick, grocer do.
Smith, Peter, merchant, and agent for Whalefishing Co.
Smith, Charles, wright, Seagate [Murraygate
Smith, Charles, manufacturer, Wellgate
Smith, George, jun. manufacturer, do.
Smith, Alex, manufacturer, Cowgate
Smith, David, cabinetmaket and joiner, West Wards
Smith, David, manufacturer, Hawkhill
Smith, David, writer, Highstreet
Smith, T. & A. Meadow Entry, Murraygate
Smith, Thomas, manufacturer, Lilybank
Smith, Robert, tailor, westside Hillton
Smith, Robert, vintner, Seagate

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