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138 Ros — SCO
Ross, George, vintner, westside Hillton
Ross, George, grocer, eastside do.
Ross, VVilliaui, vintner, Westport
Ross, John and Robert, coopers, Murraygate
Ross, David, vintner, top of Horse-wynd
Ross, Colin, grocer and spirit-dealer, below Town-hall
Rough, George, glover, Highstreet
Rough, David, watchmaker, Westport'
Roxburgh, Andrew, teacher, St. Clement's Lape
Roy, Peter, wright, Hawkhill
Royal Exchange Assur. Co. T. Smart, jun. agent, Highst,
Russell, David, druggist, top of Tindal's wynd do.
Russell, Rev. David, Hawkhill
Russell, John G. insurance broker, Wellgate
Ruxton, James, vintner and cow-feeder, Overgate
Ruxton, Robert do. Shore
Samson, David, manufacturer, eastside Hillton
Sandeaian, Willm. bleacher and callendarer, Cowgate and
Sandeman, Alex, merct. and agent, Cowgate [Douglasfield
Sanderson, J. & J. tobacconists and candlemakers, Highst,
Sanderson, John, mercht. Wellgate and Magdalene-yard
Saunders, Walker, hat-maker, Highstreet
Saunders, James, writer, Castlestreet and CoM'gate
Saunders, James, weaver, Scouringburn
Saxe Cobourg Coach Office, Merchant's Hotel, Castlest.
Scobie, James, vintner and grocer, Westport
Scott, Patrick, Nethergate
Scott, Patrick, collector of excise, Blackheath
Scott, William, southside Kingstreet
Scott, William, manufacturer. Wards
Scott, William, clock and watchmaker, Overgate
Scott, William, manufacturer, eastside Hillton
Scott, William, grocer do. do.
Scott, John Home, writer, Castlest. and Magdalene-yard
Scott, John, merchant. Bell and Balfour's, Shore
Scott, John, collector C raig dues, Sea-wynd
Scott, John, wright, Fishstreet and Nethergate
Scott, James, auctioneer (from Lochee), Vault
Scott. James, grocer, Hawkhill
Scott, James, weaver, Seafield
Scott, James, church-bi adle, Cowgate
Scott, Jaiiies, shipmaster, Murraygate
Scott, James do. . Vault

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