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Richardson, James, hat-manufacturer, Highstreet
Riddoch, Mrs. Nethergate
Rintoul, R. S. printer, New Inn Entry
Ritchie, David, vintner, P'ishstreet
Ritchie, David, shipmaster, do.
Ritchie, John, church-beadle, Scouringburn
Road-Money Collector's Office, Castlestreet
Robb, Alex, merchant, Wellgate
Robb, James, barber, westside Hillton
Robb, James, merchant-tailor, Castie-street
Robie, Wm. teacher, west side of Barrackstreet, Overgate
Roberts, Thomas, vintner, top Thorter-row, do. ,
Roberts, Wm. cashier, New Bank, Murraygate and Black-
Robertson, Alex, grocer, eastside Hillton [uess
Robertson, Alex, vintner, westside do.
Robertson, James, shoemaker, do. do.
Robertson, James, tailor, Westport
Robertson, James, watchmaker, Highstreet
Robertson, James, vintner, Scouringburn
Robertson, James, mason do.
Robertson, J. mealseller do.
Robertson, John, tobacconist. Vault and Perth-road
Robertson, John, bookbinder, Nethergate
Robertson, John, tailor, Bucklemaker-wynd
Robertson, John, manufacturer, Long-wynd
Robertson, John, teacher, Seafield-square, Perth-road
Robertson, Andrew, manufacturer, Hawkhill
Robertson, George, plasterer, Nethergate
Robertson, George, umbrella-maker and hosier, Overgate
Robertson, Theophilus, cook-shop, Fishstreet
Robertson, Edward, spirit-dealer. Seagate
Robertson, VV. cowfeeder, Yeaman-shore road
Rodger, Charles Y. merchant, northside Cowgate
Rodger, Charles, tobacco and snufF manufacturer, Mur-
Rodger, Thomas, leather-merchant, Overgate [raygate
Roger, Thomas, wright, Seagate
Roger, Thomas, teacher. West-port
Roger, William, shoemaker, Nethergate
Roger, Peter, mason. Rose Lane, Small's wynd
Rogers, Peter, shipmaster, Nethergate
Roman Catholic Chapel, Seagate, southside
Ross, Robert, vintner, westside Hilltoa

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