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132 MIT— MUL
Mitchell, William, shipmaster, Crichton-sttefel
Mitchell, Jatnes, vintner, Fishmarket
Mitchell & Cunningham, wrights, Nethergat6
Moir, George, bakei*, VVellgate
>Ioir, John, do, iMurraygate
IVIoir, John, manuifacturer^ King.street
Moir, William do. do.
Moncur, David, teacher, C^owgate
Moncur, WrlUaSn, brewer, Ova'gate
Moncur, Alexander^ manufacturer, Hawkhill
Moncurj Mrs. vintifier, Couty's vvynd
Montgomery, James, brewer, Pleasance brewery
Moon, James, saddler and ironmonger, Overgate
Morgan, George (late brewer), Forebank
Morren's Hotel, northside Highstreet
Morris, John, shoemaker, west side Hillton
Morris, William, do. Seagate
Morris, David, smiths, Criaig
Morris, James, cooper, Ovefgate in ■ . , .
Morison, Alexander, thread-manufacturer, Wellga'te
Morrison, Wm. manufacturer and grocerj east side Hilltoi*
Morrison, David, do. west side do.
Mortimer, William, vintner, Fishmarket
Morton, John & Co. merchants, top Baltic street
Morton, William, manufacturer, Hawkhill
Mount, George, cabinet-maker, Nethergate
Moyes, Robert, haberdasher, Murraygate
Moyes, William^ ironmonger, narrow of do,
Muat, John, confect-ioner, Overgate
Muat, William, do. Westport
Mudie, William, Roseangle
Mudie, William, vintner, Wellgate
Mudie, Thomas do. Cowgate
Mudie, Thomas, mealselier, Murraygat6
Mudie, Robert, vintner, do.
Mudie, James, teacher, Chapelshade
Mudie, James, merchant, Peter street
Mudie, Peter, wright do.
Mudie, Peter, surgeon do.
Mudie, John, mamifacturer, Baltic street
Mudie, John do. Seagate
Mudie, Alexander, cooper, east side Hilltoti
Mulloton, Rev. Thomas, Dick's land, Perth-road

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