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Matthew, Alexander, cabinet-maker, Highstreefe
Mathewson, Peter, Perth-road
Mathewson, John, grocer, Overgate
Mathewson, William, tailor, HigJb street
Mawer, Robert, shipmaster, Craig
Mawer, George, writer. High street
Mawer, Misses, Seafield
Maxwell, Joh«i, South Taystreet^
Maxwell, John, arch-beadle, Swan*s close, Hfghstreet
Maxwell, James, manufacturer. King street
Maxwell, James, foot of St. Andrew's street, Seagate
Maxwell, David, merchant, Murraygate
Mealraaker, Duncan, yarn-merchant, west side Hillton
Meach, James, tailor. West-port
Mearns, James, painter, top of Tindal's wynd
Mearns, David, slater, Allan's close, Overgate
Mearns, John, shipmaster, Seagate
Meffan, David, land-waiter, Murraygate
Meffan, Alex, letter-carrier, near foot of Tayst. Netbei'^,
Meldrum, Thomas, machine-maker, f^rst close east o
North Taystreet, Overgate
Meldrum, Robert, haberdasher, top of Murraygate
Melville, William, shipmaster, Fishstrcet
Menzies, Misses, Miln's buildings, Nethergate
Methven, John, grocer, east side Hillton
Methodist Meeting-house, foot of Barrackstreet, Overgato
Merchant's Hotel, top of Castlestreet and Seagate
Meiiller, A. F. teacher, Highstreet
Middleton, Abraham, plumber, Nethergate
Mill* John, manufacturer. Rose Lane, Sjnall's wynd
Mill, John, yarii-mercliant, Hillton
Mill, Alexander, slioemaker, Overgate
Mill, Robt. merchant, Cowgate
Mill, William, shipmaster, Vault
Mills, James, hairdresser, nepr English Chapel, Netherg,
Mills, James, shipmaster, Seagate
Mills, William, teacher cf navigatipn, Bailor's Hall, and
vintner, Fisbmarket
Mills, William, shipmaster, Fishstreet
Mills, David, hair-dresser, Crichtonstreet
Millar, Gabriel, writer, Highstreet and Burnhe^ul
Millar, James, bookseller, west side Hillton
Millar, David, manufacturer, east side do,

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