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Jameson, Martm, shipmaster, Nethergate
Jamie, John, smith, High street
Jamieson, Thomas, landwaiter, do.
Japp, Alex, shipmaster, Murraygate
Jeffers, William do. Wellgate
Jobson, Robert, merchant, Nethergate
Jobson, Robert, jrm. do. Murraygate
Jobson, David, sen. do. do.
Jobson, Daviil, jun. County Cess Office, Tay street
Jobson, David, writer, Castle street
Jobson, John, M.D. Bain's Square
Jpbson, James, merchant, Nethergate
Jobson and Scott, writers, Castle street
Jobson, Mrs John, Nethergate
Johnstone, Rev. William, Roseangle
Johnstone, William, merchant, Peterstreet
' Johnstone, James, M. D. Murraygate
Johnstone, Joseph, draper. High street
Johnstone, Charles, merchant, Cowgate
Jolly, MrSf druggist, Murraygate
Just, Thomas, ship-owner, Perth-road
Justice, James, smith, Tindal's wynd and Murraygate
Justice, James, jun. agent and broker, Peter street
Justice, John, ironmonger. Castle street
Justice, William, hairdresser, Nethergate
Justice of Peace Court-room, Town-house, High-street
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, east end of do. do.
Kay, Alexander, spirit-dealer, Overgate
Kay, David, shoemaker, Hillton
Kay, John, shipmaster, Nethergate
Keay, William, cabinet-maker, do.
Keay, William, vintner, Overgllte
Keay, Alexander, merchant, Seagate
Keay, John, wood-merchant, foot Castlestreet, East Shore
Keay, David, shipmaster, Fishmarket
Keddie, Alex. do, Overgate
Keiller, James, confectioner and grocer, Seagate
Keiller, Jajnes, wood-merchant and coal-broker, do.
Keiller, Thomas, baker^ Murraygate
Keiller, John, clerk, at Mrs Wedderspoon's, confectioner^
Keith, David, clothier, Highstreet [do,
l^eith, James, accomptant and agent, Seagate

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