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124 HOP— JAC
Hope, Fire, and Life Assurance Co. Jas. Saunders, agent,
Horsley, Rev. Heneage, Seafietd ■ ;, .' [Castlest,
How, James, boot and shoe-maker, Highstrcfet
How, David, leather-merchant, Murraygate
Howe, William, manufacturer, Cowgate '
Howie, David, shipmaster, Peterstreet
Hughes, David, vvheel-wright, Witchknow '
Hume, John, manager of Ta}' Whale Fishing ' Compariy
Hu.nter, James, writer, Highstreet ' '^^ ^[Seagate
Hunter, Thomas, draper do. - • ■,
Hunter, Peter, tailor, Chapelshade
Hunter, John, church precentor, near Slatewynd, Netherj-
Hutchinson, John, cabinet-maker, Highstreet
Hutchinson, John, spirit-dealer, Nethergate [gate
Hutchison, David, grocer and do. foot of Barrack street,
Hutton, William, spirit-dealer, Fishmarket [Overgat§
Jiutton^ William, coal-merchant, Kingstreet '
Jrlutton, George, accountant, Union Bank
Hutton, Pat. manufacturer. Dens
Hynd, William, merchant, Wellgate
Hynd, James, baker do.
Hynd, Geoi"ge, shipmaster do.
Independent Meeting-house, Teraple-lnne, West-port
Independent Church, west side of Barrack street
Jnfirmary, north side of King street
Jnglis, John,. hosier, High street
Ingram, George, painter, do.
Innes, Frederick S. perfumer, Nethergate
Innes, James, tool repairer. Small's wynd
Imperial Assurance Go- Charles Johnstone, agent, Cow^*
Ireland, John, wright, Chapelshade
Ireland, James, shipmaster, Yeaman shore
Ireland, Alex, manufacturer and mill-spinuer, Cowgate
' Irons, Mrs,; vintner. Vault
Irons, David and Robert, sailmaker'S, Fishmarket
Irons, Peter, hair-dresser, Wellgate
Ivory, Thomas, engraver, High street
Jack, Henry, druggist Apothecary Hall, do.
Jack, Henry, vintner, Overgate
Jack, Johiii, shipmaster} Yeaman shore
Jack, David do. Nethergate
Jack, Jam$s, vintner and stabler, Couty's wyncj
Ji^gksQn, Robert, leather-merchant, Overgate

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