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Harris, William, baker, Fish street
Harris, Roderick, do. near English Chapel, Nethergat^
Harris, David do. Scouringburn
Harris, James, mill-spinner, Overgate
Hay, James, manufacturer, Cowgate ,, ■ .ifiuiv
Hazeel, Henry J. wine merchant, Nethergate
Hazeel, Alex, manufacturer, East wynd, Hawkhill
Hean, David & Sons, wrights, Small's wynd and Barrack*
Hean, John, book-agent, Barrackstreet [street
Hean, James, shoemaker^ westside Hillton
Heatherton, Rev. John, Magdalene-yard
Henderson, David, factor for Lord Douglas, Keay's close,
Henderson, Charles, wright, West-port [Nethergate
Henderson, James, chair manufacturer, Castle court
Henderson, William, grocer, Murraygate
Henderson, John, shipmaster, Seagate
Henderson, George, letter-carrier, Post-office, New Ina
Henderson, John, land steward, Perth-road [Entry
Henry, John, painter, Nethergate
Henry, J. vintner, Craig
Henry, James, rope-maker, Seafield
Herald, James, cabinet-maker, Barrack street
Hercules Assurance Co. Arch, Crichton, agent, Cowgate
Hero Steam-Packet Office, Fishmarket
Hill & Dick, grocery and provision warehouse. New Inn
Hill, David, skinner, Highstreet [Entry, H;gh«t^
Hill, David, printer, Nethergate
Hill, James, manufacturer, Long wynd
Hill, James, baker, Wellgate
Hill, Alexander, vintner, Longwynd
Hodge, James, lapidary, Nethergate
Hogg, William, surgeon, Murraygate
Hogg, William, sen. merchant do,
Hogg, Alexander, corn merchant, Chapehhade
Hoggan, James, vintner, Vault
Holmes, Thomas, manufacturer, Perth-road
Hood, Andrew, vintner, St. Clement's Lane
Hood, Andrew, flesher, Murraygate
Hood, James, brewer, Wellgate
Hood & Co. tobacconists, west end Highstreet
Hood, Mrs. vintner, Murraygate
H.Qod^ Ale.xauder, church-beadle, Chapelsha<le

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