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Gray, James, smith, westside Hillton
Gray, George, wood-merchant, Yeaman Shorci
Gray, spirit-dealer, southside Trades' Halt
Gray, mill-spiriner, Murraygate
Gray, Robt. manufacturer and grocer, eastside Hillton
Gray, Robt. Dundee & Perth Shipping Co.'s Office, Shor^
Gray, Thomas, shipmaster. Horse wynd, Seagate
Gray, John, merchant, Murraygate and Tay Square
Gray, Alexander, smith, Hillton
Greenhill, Charles, merchant, Cowgate
Greig, David, shipmaster, Fishstreet
Greig, William do. Craig
Greig, James do. do.
Greig, David, surgeon. Butcher-row
Greig, John, Dundee rope-shop, Crichtonstreet
Greig, John, china and stone-ware merchant, Thorter-row'
Guild, Alexander, writer, Highstreet
Guild, James, do. do.
Guild, John, haberdasher, near English Chapel, Nether-i
Guild, Francis, spinning-mill, Chapelshade [g^e
Guild, Davidj grocer, Murraygate
Guild Hall, east end of Town-house, Highstreet
Guillan, David, corn-merchant, Overgate
Guillan, John, manufacturer, Hawkhill
Gun, Thomas, stoneware-merchant, Overgate
Gun, David, cabinet-maker do.
Guthrie, Major, Cottage, Ferry-road
Guthrie, George, teller. Union Bank, Murraygate
Guthrie, David do. New Bank, dc.
Guthrie, Robert, jun. haberdasher, Castlestreet
Guthrie, Mrs. foot of Rose angle [and iVJihi's buildipgat
Hackney, William, mill-spinner and merchant, Tay street
Hackney, Mrs. Miltj's Buildings, Nethergate
Haggart, Thomas, plasterer. Barrack street
Halket, William, manufacturer, Perth-road
Halley, John do. Wellgate
Halley, William do. do.
Hally, James, excise-officer, Overgate
Hamilton, John, librarian, Highstreet
Hampton, John, gardener, Perth-road
Ifenipton, Robert, manufacturer do.
Hanton, Peter do. do.
Hanton, Peter, coal-merchant, foot of HiUton

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