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1^0 FEli GAil
Fergason, William, shipmaster, Magdalene-ySfd
l^erguson, Mrs. Joseph, salt merchant, Muri'aygate
Ferguson, Mrs. merchant, Overgate
Ferrier, John, tailor, Crichton street
Ferrier, John, carter, Perth-roaJ
Ferrier, William, tailor, Overgate
i^errier, Thomas, painter, Castle court
Fettes, William, shoe-maker, Buckieraaker wynd
Finlay, Peter*, vintner, Perth-road
Finlay, William, rtieal-seller, English chapel
Fife Assurance Co. R. Miller, Cowgate [hotels
Fife Coach Offices, Merchant's, Morren's, and Campbell's
Fire Engines — Keys vvhere lodged; see page 106
Fleeming, Robert, shipmaster, Castle court
Fleming, P. manufacturer, Chapelshade
Flamming, William, manufacturer. Park wynd
Fleeming, Gilbert, excise-officer, opposite Peterst. Seagate
Fleeming, C. taylor, Hawkhill
iFleeming, P. mealsd'er^ Nethei*gate
Fleeming, Mrs. haberdafehef, nearly opposite Thorter-rowj
tlowerdew, W. A. writer, Highstreet [Overgate
Foord, James, mei-chant, Hawkhill
Forbes, Alexander, Webster & Co.'s manufy.> do.
Forbes, James, flesh er, West-port
Forbes, James, currier, Overgate
Forbes, Robert, vintner, Westport
Forbes, William, grocer, Wellgate
Ford, James, merchant do.
Forfar Post and Caravan, New Irih Entry
Forfarshire and Perthshire Fii*e Assurance Office, C6wg,
Foreman, Robert, shipmaster, St. Andrew's street
Foreman, Robert, sailors* of&cer. Sailors' hall
Frazer, Rev. Matthew, top of Bari-ackstreet
Frazer, Donald, excise-officer, Seagate
Frazer, John, meal-seller^ Hawkhill
Fullarton, Jqhn, manufacturer. Long wynd
Fyfe, Peter, baker, Murraygate
Fyfe, George, manufacturer and grocer, east side Hillton
Gall, William, confectioner, Overgate
'Galloway, Thomas, nursery and seedsmah, Murraygatc-
anJ Seafield
Gardiner, Pat. grocer, Overgate
Gardiner, George^ saddler, Highstreet

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