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DAV— DOW 117
Pavie, Robert, grocer, Hawk hill
Dawson, Robert, teacher. Temple Alley
Dempster, And. pottery and brick manufacturer, Scour-i
Penoon, John, tin-plate-worker, Overgate [ingburn,
Denoon, Alexander, tailor do.
Deuchars, William, shipmaster, Seagate
Deuchars, George do. Murraygate
Dewar, John, taylor do.
Devvar, Robert, grocer. Narrow of the Murraygate
Dick, Thomas jun. tea and spirit-dealer, opposite Couty*s
wynd, Nethergate
Dick, Thomas, merchant, Wellgate
Dick, Alexander, merchant, Cowgate
Dick, VVilliam, surgeon, Highstreet
Dick, William and James, veterinary surgeons, Seagate
Dick, David, shipmaster, Fish street
Dick, manufacturer and grocer, east side liillton
Dick, John, tin-plate-worker, Wellgate
Dick, Hugh do. Murra)'gate
Dick, Francis do. do.
Dick, Misses A. and B. clear-starchers, High street
Dick, Miss Katharine, Fishmarket
Dick, Mrs. Perth-road
Dickie, Charles, wire-worker, Chapelshade
Dickson, Mrs. merchant, Overgate
Dickson, Robert; excise-officer, Cowgate
Doig, William, manufacturer, Hawkhill
Doig, WMlliam & Son, manufacturers, Hawkhill
Doig, David, meal-seller, Overgate
Doig, Thomas, manufacturer, Wellgate
Doig, James, clothier, High street
Doig, David, packer, Cowgate
Don, James, shoemaker, bucklemaker wynd
Donaldson, James, coach, harness, cart, and plough*
maker, F?arrack street
Donaldson, Rev. George, Chnpelshade
Donaldson, Thomas, bookseller. High street
Donaldson, Thomas, vintner do.
Donaldson, Misses, dress-makers, Miln's buildings
Donnet, David, tailor and clothes cleaner, barrack gtreci^
Douglas, William, cabinet-maker, Overgate
Dow, William, superintendent, Craig
Pow, Hobert, tailor, King's street

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