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116 CRr— DAV
Crichton, Patrick, (late manager of Dundee and Perth
Shipping Company), Shore
Crichton, Archibald, manager of Dundee Sea Insurance
Cotnpany, Covvgate
Crichton, David, teacher, Nethergate and Seafield
Crichton, vintner, Bottlework
Crichton, Peter, baker, Nethergate
Crichton, Peter, mason, Wellgate
Crichton, John, surgeon, Overgate
Crichton, John, brewer. King street
Crichton, James, dyer, Murraygate
Crichton, James, flesher, West-port
Crichton, Alexander, dyer. Meadow Entry
Crichton, William, Hawkhill-knowe
Crichton, William, Seafield
Croal and Son, manufacturers, Cowgate
Croal, John, flax-dresser, Seagate
Crockatt, James, grocer, Overgate
Crockatt, John, haberdasher. High street
Croom, John, wholesale-merchant, High street
Cruickshanks, William, guard, Fife coach, at Morren's
Crow, Peter, Seafield
Cummings, James, writer. High street
Cummings, Mrs. grocer, westside Hill
Curr, William, grocer, Overgate
Currance, David, tin-plate-worker, Overgate
Customhouse, opposite Mid Quay, Shore
Dahms, George, stoneware-merchant, Murraygate
Dargie, James teacher, Risset's close, Overgate
David, Thomas, mason, Hillton
Davidson, Rev. Dr. Small's wynd
Davidson, Dacid, vintner, Overgate
Davidson, William, do. do.
Davidson, William, manager of Dundee and Perth Union
Shipping Co. Shore and Small's wynd
Davidson, Thomas (late town-clerk), Union Mount
Davidson, Thomas and Son, earthen-ware and crystal
merchants, Seagate
Davidson, John, ironmonger and clothier, Murraygate
Davidson, Peter, cooper, Seagate
Davidson, Jaraes do. do.
Davidson, Mrs. grocer, Small's wynd

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