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Clark, William, grocer, westside Hillton
Clark, James, shipmaster, Nethergate
Clark, David, stoneware-merchant. Mid Kirkstile, Over-
Clark, David, shipmaster, Murraygate [gate
Clark, David, do. Fish street
Clark, Thomas, do. do.
Clark, John, cabinet-maker, Murraygate
Cl^rkscn, Rev. Samuel, Hawkhill
Cobb, David, writer, New Inn Entry and Perth-road
Cochran, James, surgeon, top of Seagate
Cock, James, manufacturer, Coupar's Alley and Seagate
Coleman, James, basket-maker, Murraygate
Collier, John, merchant, Cowgate
Colvill, James, surgeon, Thorter-row
Colville, Alexander & Co. printers. Vault
Colville; Mrs Thomas, South Taystreet
Constable, William, jeweller and watch-maker. High st.
Constable, Misses, foot of Castle street. Shore
Cons. Associate Pres. Meetinghouse, New Inn Entry
Commercial Hall, St. Clement's Lane
Cook, James, brush-manufacturer, Murraygate
Cook, David, merchant, do.
Cook, W. & S. grocers, Fishstreet
Cooper, , surgeon, top of Tindal's wynd, Highstreet
County Fire and Provident Life Assurance Ofiice, G,
Boyd, jun. Fishmarket
Coupar, David, merchant, High street
Coupar, John, baker, Seagate
Coupar, Peter, schoolmaster, Perth road
Coupar, Mrs. vintner, Murraygate
Courier Office, opposite Thorter-row, Nethergate
Cowie, John, vintner, eastside Hillton
Cowie, James, tin-plate-worker, West-port
Crabb, William, hair-dresser, Overgate
Crammond, Alex, sacking-manufacturer and yarn-mer-
chant, westside Hillton
Crammond, John, grocer, do. do.
Cramond, Mrs R. Guthrie street
Craig, William, shipmaster, Castle street '
Craik, Miss, Perth road
Craik, Misses, milHners, top of Murraygate
Crawford, William, leather-merchant, Overgate
Crichton, David, shipmaster, Yeaman shore

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