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Cant, Thomas, cabinetmaker, Perth road
Cant, Charles, tin-plate-worker, do.
Carchrie, George, shoemaker, westside Hillton
Carnegie, George, do. South Tay street
Carneey, Pat. messenger-at-arms, Overgate
Carnie, Charles, tin-plate-worker, do.
Carmichael, James and Charles, engineers and founders,
Carmichael, James, mill-spinner. Dens [Session street
Carseweli, William, kirk-treasurer. King street
Castlestreet Inn and Hotel, top of Castle street and Seag.
Cathro, William, brewer, Fishraarket
Cathro, James, dyer, Murraygate
Cathro, George, vintner, Perth road
Cess Office, — County, D. Jobson, South Tay street, —
Town, H. J. Hazeel, Nethergate
Chalmers, William, foot of Small's wynd, do.
Chalmers, George, manufacturer, westside Hillton
Chalmers, Charles, mill-spinner. North Tay street and
Magdalene yard
Chalmers, James, bookseller, Castle street
Chalmers, James, manufacturer, Blackness road
Chalmers, Thomas, merchant, Cowgate
Chamberlain's Office, P. H. Thorns, do.
Chapman, John, silk, cotton, and woollen dyer, Overgate
Chapman, John, weaver, Seafield
Chisholm, David, vintner, Craig
Chisholm, A. wright, Overgate
Christie, J. W. coal-merchant, Perth-road
Christie, Robert, auctioneer, manager of Dundee Hull
Shipping Company, and road-money collector. Castle
Christie, Alexander, writer. High street [street
Christie, Wm. accountant, Dundee New Bank and Fore-
Christie, Thomas, town-officer, Fish street [bank
Christie, Alex, dean of guild's officer, Tindal's wynd
Christie, David G. grocer and spirit-dealer. High street
Clark, George, ship-owner, Craig
Clark, George, tailor and clothier, Hawkhill
Clark, Alex, flour-miller, "Witch knowe and West Ward
Clark, Thomas, draper, High street
Clark, Thomas, tailor, tk).
Clark, William, collector's 1st clerk. Customhouse
Clark, William, corn-merchant. Bain's square
Clark, William, town-ofiicer, High street

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