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108 AND AliC
Anrlersoti, William, vintner, north side, English Chapel
Anderson, William and Son, agents, St. Andrew's street
Anderson, William, taylor, east side Hill
Anderson, Wm. grocer, top S. Tay street, Overgate
Anderson, William, Inllet-master,, auctioneer, and vintner,
Anderson, A. M. agent, Cowgate [Peter street
Anderson, Alex, tnerchani, Netlicrgate
Anderson, James, grocer, Overgate
Anderson, James, cabinet-maker, Burnheadj Seagate
Anderson, Thomas, manufacturer, Dens
Anderson, Thomas, messenger at-arms, St. dementis lane
Anderson, David, tailor, Hillton
Anderson, ])avid, vintner, Wellgate
Anderson, David, vintner, foot of Black's Croft
Anderson, David, smith, westside Hill
Anderson, John, writer, Overgate
Anderson, John, baker, Cowgate
Anderson, John, reedmaker, West-porl
Anderson, John, mealseller, Overgate
Anderson, John, riddle-maker, Overgate
Anderson, Charles, vintner, Overgate
Andei'son, Charles, stabler, Yeaman Shore
Ande'Tsoii) Rol)ert, Excise Office, Burnhead, Seagate
Anderson, EI)enezer, wright, Hawkhill
Ai:ii3erson, Mrs Ebenezer, Nethergate
Anclej'son, Mrs, Miln's Buildings
Anderson, Mrs J. haberdasher, 72, Murraygate
Ancient Lodge, Narrow of the Murraygate
Andrews, D. dvavving-master, South Tay street
Angus, John, church precentor, Bucklemaker wyild
Annan, Robt. shoemaker, opposite Thorter-row, Overgate
Aimer, James, wfiglit, Nethergate
Air, Robert, tailor, 6S, Murraygate
Airth, James, shoemaker, Overgate
Aitken, Rev. Robert, Queen street
Aitken, Alex., haberdasher, below Caledonian Hall, Castle
Aitken, Willliam, surgeon, Crichton street [street
Arbroath Coaches, Mrs Coiipafs and Robert Mudie%
Archer, David, brewer, Wellgate [Murraygate
Archer's Hall, behind D, and P. Shipping Co.'s Office,
Ai'chihald, James, vintnef, Cowgate

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