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than one year, the fee Is to be repeated only at the end of every suc-
cessive year of his residence in the Asylum. — No Fees for Paupers^
Every patient must at least be provided with a matress and bed-
clothes, and vpith changes of linen, &c. Patients in the higher classes
must be provided according to circumstances.
Which includes Perth and the other Creeks on the Tay.
Colin Symers, Collector.
William Adam, 1st, Clerk. — James Wallace, 2nd. Clerk.
William Anderson, Controller James H. Blain, Clerk.
Robert Alison, La:nd-Surveyor.
Geo. Keay, T. B. Nicholson, Th. Jamieson, & P. Kerr, Landwaiters.
James Kidd, Locker Andrew Small, acting Locker, &c.
David Vedder, Tide- Surveyor.
Office, Seagate.
William Blakey, Collector — Mungo Park, Clerk.
John Robertson, Supervisor.
Alexander Balfour, Chairman. — Edward Baxter, Dep. -Chairman.
John Baxter. John Blair Miller,
John G Baxter. David Martin.
Samuel Brodie. John Morton.
Andrew Brown. George Nicoll, Jun.
James Brown. Thomas Neish, Jun.
John Brown. Alexander Reid.
C. W. Boase. William Ritchie.
James Chalmers. John G. Russell.
David Edwards. William Sandeman.
John Gray. John Sanderson.
William Hackney. Robert Strachan,
James Hay. John Thain.
Robert Jobson, Jun. P. H. Thorns.
William Lindsay. James Watt, Jun.
David Miln. James Whitton.
Robert Millar.
Thomas Neish, Jun. Treasurer.— ~ John Home Scott, Secretary.

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