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1 V. — Roger's, — patrons, Kirk Session ; 7 boys are educated and
receive yearly L.4 and one suit of clothes each.
V. — Stephen's, — patrons, the Provost, the Minister of the Murray-
gate district, and the Lairds of Dunnichen and Blackness ; 7 boys of
tlie name of Stephen receive yearly L.8 eacli.
VI Ferguson's, — partrons, Grahams of Fintry and Balmuir and
the Provost ; 2 boys receive L.8 each.
VIL — White's, — patrons, Messrs. Jobson & Pitcairn ; 22 boys &
girls, yearly from L.4 to L.6 each, for maintenance and education.
VIIL — L.lOO, miortified by Misses Graham, — patrons, the Kirk
Session ; the interest is applied for maintenance & education of 1 girl.
IX. — L.6000, by James Webster, Esq. of London, for the edu-
cation of boys and girls, from which about 100 are educated.
X Clark's, — Clark of Pennycuik; 2.boys receive yearly L.8
XI. — Bruce's,— patrons, the Provost, the Dean of Guild, the three
Senior Ministers, and the Rector of the Grammar School ; 1 boy re-
ceives yearly L.8 6s. 8d. for maintenance and education.
XII. — Constable's, — patrons, the Provost, Dean of Guild, and
Parish Minster; 14 boys receive L.8 yearly for education, for 4 years.
XIII Ramsay's, — patrons. Kirk Session ; the interest of L. 800
for education and maintenance of 8 poor boys. The interest of
L.500 divided among 4 old persons. The interest of L.20 to be
paid for preaching a Sermon annually in the Old Church.
Besides these, the Kirk Session pays the School Fees of Children
of poor parents, for two years ; the number of these in general is
from 50 to 60 ; making a total of 300, exclusive of those taught in
the Orphan Institution.
Instituted in 1794, and confirmed by Royal Charter in 1819.
President. — The Right Honourable the Earl of Airly.
The Rt. Hon. Lord Gray. The Provost of Dundee.
The Rt. Hon, Lord Douglas. The Dean of Guild.
Sir David Wedderburn, Bart. David Blair of Cookston.
Principal NicoU, St. Andrews. Thomas Ej-skine of Linlathen.
Patrick Scott, Chairman.
Rev. Charles Adie. Alexander Keay. George NicoU.
John Alison. Thomas Kidd. William Straton.
James Brown. Andrew Low. John Sturrock.
James Hay. David Martin. John Thain.
Rev. H. Horsley, John Maxwell. Rev. James Thomson.
David Jobson. George li. Newall.

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