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i Archibald M'Lachlan, D. D.
Old and South Churches, 4 Patrick M' Vicar, d. d.
( Charles Adie.
„ , , ^ /^i L f James Thomson.
Steeple and Cross Churches, j Alexander Peters, d. d.
St. David's Church, North Tay Street, — George Todd.
Chapel of Ease, St. Andrew's, King Street, — John Jeffrey.
/~iu 1 L J ( William Johnstone.
Chapelshade, | ^^.^^ ^^^^^
., Gaelic, Long Wynd, — Charles M'Alister.
Scots Episcopal Chapel, High Street, w., — John Hetherton.
Do. St. Paul's, Castle Street, e. — Heneage Horsley, A. M. Oxon.
Do. Yeaman Shore, — Samuel Hood.
Original Burgher Meetinghouse, Barrack Street, — Robert Aitken.
School Wynd, — Geo. Donaldson.
Overgate, — Matthew Frazer.
Temple Lane, — David Russell.
Caledonian Hall, — James Rannie.
New Inn Entry, — Alex. Duncan.
Seagate, — John Cross.
Methodist Chapel, Church Wynd, Overgate, — Ninian Bar.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Meadowside, e., — Constantine Lee.
Baptist Meetinghouse, Seagate and Baltic Street, — various.
Glassite do. King Street, do.
Independent do. Barrack Street, do.
Unitarian do. Rankine's Close, do.
Collector for Schoolmasters' WidoAs' Fund — Rector, Academy.
Kirk Treasurer William Carswell, King Street
Session Clerk — x\Iexander Ktay, 42, Seagate, s.
United Secession
Orig. Asso. Synod,
J A. M'Lachlan, D. D. Longforgan — Rob, S. V/alker.
Pat. M'Vicar, D. D. Auchterhouse, — G. Winehouse.
j^„.. , J Charles Adie. Liff & Benvie, — Geo. Addison.
I James Thomson. ,. £ *i f W. Johnstone.
[Alex. Peters, D. D. ^^^°">fi^th, -J ^ ^.^^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^
Inchture, — Alexander Davie. Abernyte, — James Wilson.
Mains & Strath D. Cannan. Murroes, — John Currie.
. , j David Spence. Tealing,
Kmnaird, j j gp^^^e^ a, & S. Luudie & Foulis,— Thos. Irvine,
Monikie, — James Miller,

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