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Ward 4. Alexander Kay. James Thain.
Adam Symon. Alexander Ogilvie.
5. Alexander White, Junr. Alexander Moncur.
James Hunter. William Watson.
6. Charles Carmichael. John Wilson.
James Taylor. James Anderson.
7. John Stephen. James Gilroy.
James Taws. George Lovvden.
8. James Miller. William Moir.
John Low. John Chaplain.
9. David Keith. Peter Fyffe.
William Curr. William Constable.
10. James Scott. James Easson.
William Boyack. Peter Ower.
11. John Anderson. James Urquhart.
Robert Adamson. William Douglas.
All the ex officio Commissioners, with the exception of the Guild
Counsellor and Convener of the Nine Trades, are Judges.
Gabriel Miller, Clerk to the Commissioners, and Clerk and
Assessor of Court.
John Home, Superintendent of Police and Procurator Fiscal of Court.
Henry BIyth, Treasurer.
George Deuchars, Inspector of Lighting and Cleansing.
William Thomson, Surveyor and Master of Works.
William Dick, Surgeon.
Alexander Dow, Thomas Hardy, John Low, and William M'Roberts,
Sergeants Alexander Donaldson, Harbour Sergeant.
Four Day and Two Night Patrole, 33 Watchmen, one Office-Keeper
and Turnkey, besides about 50 Scavengers, Lamplighters, &c.
Sergeant James M'Dougal, Keeper of the Gunpowder Magazine,
The Police Act was obtained in 1824, and is entitled " An Act
for the better paving, lighting, watching, and cleansing of the Burgh
of Dundee and its vicinity; also for building and maintaining a
Bridewell there."
The bounds of Police extend within a line commencing on the
east at the riveT Tay, and running northwards in the line of the east
inarch of Mayfield on the lands of Craigie, to the southern extremity
of that march ; thence along that march to the Turnpike road lead-
ing from Dundee to Arbroath ; thence eastward along that Turnpike
road until its junction with the old Craigie road; northwards along

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