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days must take place before putting the seiitence in force. The sen-
tence is not subject to advocation, suspension, or any other stay of
execution, except when the Justices exceed their powers — in which
case the cause must be brought in the shape of a reduction before the
Supreme Court; and the party bringing it must find sufficient cau-
tion for all expenses that may be awarded in the event of his reduc-
tion being dismissed. Where decree has passed in absence, the de-
fender shall be re-heard on consigning the sums decerned for in the
hands of the Clerk of Court, witliin the days of the charge, and giv-
ing intimation thereof to the complainer before the following Court
day — And in like manner where absolvitor has passed in absence, the
cause to be re-heard on the complainer consigning 2s. 6d. and giving
intimation to the defender. — The following are the fees fixed by Act
39 and 40, Geo. III. cap. 46; but subject to the modification of the
Justices in very small cases, or where one petition is directed against
different defenders, viz. : —
To the Clerk for drawing up petition and complaint, Os. 6d.
For entering and transcribing the same, 6
For a copy of service, 2
For signing and entering the same in his book, 4
For entering a defender's appearance, 6
For every oath, 4
For the decree containing the warrant of execution, 6
For every warrant to cite defenders, &c 4
To the crier, for calling the action, 1
To the officer, for summoning the defender or witnesses, 4
For the execution of arrestment, (0 6
For poinding, 2s. — For selling the same, 2
For execution against the defender's person, 3
For every mile he shall travel into the country, 4
And to eaqh assistant, when assistance is necessary, 3
The Provost and four Bailies, the Dean of Guild and Guild
Counsellor, the Convener of the Nine Trades, the
Sheriff" of the County, ex afficiis.
Ward 1. John M. Lindsay, David Philip.
George Nicoll. George L. Baxter.
2. John Thain. Edward Robertson,
Peter Duncan. Thomas Rattray.
3. Alexander Christie. Samuel Addison.
Thomas Ferrier, John liutcheson.

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