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SA^SE~SH. 47
Saunders, William, Grocer, 67, Murray gate, w,
Saunders, Mrs, Grocer, Hillton, e.
Saunders, Walker, Hatter, High Street, n.
Scobie, James, Police, Queen Street, w.
Schollay, James, Shoemaker, Hawkhill, s.
Scott, Patrick, Nethergate, s.
Scott, Alexander, Spirit-Dealer, 81, Seagate, n.
Scott, Robert, Wright, 21, St. Andrews Street, e.
Scott, William, Writer, King Street, s.
Scott, John, Collector of Ferry-dues ; House Seagate s.
Scott, Mrs. James, Murraygate, e.
Scott, John, Merchant, (Bell & Balfour's,) Shore, n.
Scott, John, Writer, 8, New Inn Entry, e.
Scott, George, Grocer, 9, High Street, s.
Scott, John Home, Writer, 10, High Street; House Hawkhill PI.
Scott, James, Auctioneer from Lochee, Office Vault, w.
Scott, James, St. Andrews Church Beadle, Cowgate.
Scott, Thomas, Grocer, 11, Nethergate, s. ; House Union Street.
Scott, John, Shipmaster, Craig Lane.
Scott, Charles, Vintner, Fish Street, s.
Scott, Robert, Vintner, 8, Seagate, s.
Scott, George, Road-Surveyor, Mount Pleasant.
Scott, John, Cabinet- Maker, 38, Nethergate, s. ; House Overgate, n.,
Scott, David, Manufacturer, Hawkhill, s.
Scott, William, Manufacturer, Ward Road, s.
Scott, Archibald, Public Warehouse, and Tanner, Chapelshade.
Scott, William, Manufacturer, Hillton, w.
Scott, William, Grocer, Hillton, w.
Scott, Alexander & Co. Spirit-Dealers, Wellgate, e,
Scott, David, Bootmaker, 40, High Street, n.
Scott, James, Grocer, Hawkhill, s.
Scott, Frederick, Watch-Maker, 2, Overgate, s.
Scott, Daniel, Dealer, Scouringburn, w.
Scott, George, Junr. Ironmonger, 75, High Street, n.
Scott & Co. Hatters, 41, High Street, n.
Scott, William, Shipmaster, Den Brae, e. '
Sea Insurance Co. Archibald Crichton, Manager, Cowgate, n.
Seaman's Hall, Yeaman Shore, s.
Session Clerk, Alexander Keay, 42, Seagate, s.
Shand & Wilson, Stoneware-Dealers, Overgate, s.
Shanks, Alexander, Vintner, Murraygate, n. ,
Sharp, William, Saddler, 52, High Street, n.
Sharp, Misses, Dress-Makers, Nethergate, s.
Sharp, Alexander, Vintner, Hawkhill, s.
Sharp, John, Flaxspinner, Ward Road, Si

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