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RE__III_R0. 45
Held, James, Painter, Barrack Street, w.
Reid, Thomas, Senr. Spirit-Dealer, 82, Barrack Street, w,
Reid, James, Baker, Hillton, e.
Reid, William, Writer, 2, New Inn Entry, e.
Reid, Mrs. South Tay Street, e.
Reid, Alexander, Flesher, Nethergate, n.
Reid, William, Dealer, Hawkhill, s.
Re^i«, James, Vintner, Scouringburn, n.
Rhind, Alexander, Clothier, 56, High Street, n.
Riddoch, Mrs. Nethergate, s.
Reoch, Francis, Dealer, Hawkhill, s.
Reoch, Alexander & Thomas, Grocers, Hillton, w.
Reoch, John, Plasterer, King Street, s,
Ritchie, David, Shipmaster, Seagate, s.
Ritchie, Alexander, Vintner, High Street, n.
Ritchie, William, Merchant, Tannage Court.
Ritchie, Thomas, Gas Works.
Road-Money Collector's Office, 19, Castle Street, w.
Robb, Alexander, Merchant, 14, Baltic Street, s.
Robb, George, Manufacturer, Wellgate.
Robb, John, Merchant, Tannage Court.
Robb & Bachop, Drapers, 63, High Street, n;
Robb, David, Dealer, 6, Crichton Street, e.
Robe & Co. Flaxspinners, Bain Square, e.
Robb, David, Customs, West Shore.
Robb, James, Tailor, 18, Castle Street, w.
Robb, J. Shoemaker, Scouringburn, n.
Roberts, Thomas, Murray gate, e.
Robertson, Simon, Collector of Shore-Dues ; House Hawkhill, tl*
Robertson, Alexander, Mason, Brown Street.
Robertson, John, Tobacconist, 3, Vault; House Perth Road.
Robertson, John, Vintner, Vault, w.
Robertson, George, Plasterer, Key's Close, Nethergate, s.
Robertson, Edward, Vintner, 142, Seagate, n.
Robertson, William, Grocer, Hawkhill, s.
Robertson, William, Vintner, 13, Craig Lane.
Robertson, Alexander, Merchant, Hillton, w.
Robertson, John, Cart-wright, Wellgate, w.
Robertson, John, Vintner Nethergate, n,
Robertson, George, Umbrella-maker, 18, Overgate, s*
Robertson, James, Watch-maker, 44, High Street, W.
Robertson, Thomas, Dealer, 167, Overgate, n,
Robertson, John, Supervisor Excise.
Robertson, Mrs. Broker, 50, Nethergate, s.
Robertson, Jaraes, Customs, Wallace Feus,

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