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PE— PH— PI— PO— PR. 43
Peebles, James, Grocer and Tavern-keeper, HawkhiU, n,
Pedrano, Lewis, Rainbow Tavern, Peter Street, s.
Penman, Robert, Block-maker, East Shore.
Pennycuik, James, Merchant, Trades' Lane, s. ; House Bonny bank.
Pennycook, Robert, Vintner, Scouringburn, w.
Pearson, John, Vintner, 168, Overgate, n.
Peat, Robert, Manufacturer, Murraygate, w.
Peters, Rev. Dr. Miln's Buildings, Nethergate, s,
Peters, Thomas, Tailor, High Street, n.
Peter, David, Superintendent Harbour Works.
Petrie, David, Shoemaker, 169, Overgate, n.
Petrie, David, Junr. Shoemaker, 79, Murraygate, w.
Petrie, George, Shoemaker, 15, Barrack Street, w.
Petiie, John, Shoemaker, Wellgate, w.
Petrie, James, Commercial Tavern, Overgate, n.
Petrie, James, Manufacturer, King Street, n. j House Cowgate Port.
Petrie, James, Grocer, Blackscroft, s.
Petrie, Mrs. Grocer, King Street, s.
Philip, David, Manufacture!', 33, Cowgate, s,
Philip, David, Grocer, Joint Stock Buildings,
Philips, Andrew, Shipmaster, Craig Lane.
Philp, Andrew, Corn Merchant, High Street, n.
Pirie, Alexander, Manufacturer, Hillton, e.
Pirie, Alexander, Painter, Fish Street, s.
Pierie, Jame, Writer, Seagate, n.
Pirrie, David, Auctioneer, Overgate, n. '
Pirrie, Janet, Straw-hat Maker, Overgate, n.
Pitcairn, Alexander, Nethergate, s.
Pitcairn, Andrew, South Tay Street, e.
Pitcairn, Thomas, Surgeon, 37, Murraygate, e.
Pitkeathly, Thomas, Agent, Carolina Port.
Play fair, Mrs. Brewer, 4, Seagate, s.
Police Treasurer's CfBce, 6, New Inn Entry, e.
Pope, David, Grocer, 195, Overgate, n. ; House abovC.
Porter, David, Spirit-Dealer, 15, Crichton Street, w.
Porter, David, Grocer, Scouringburn, n.
Porter, David, Agent, Barrack Street, e.
Post OflBce, 3, New Inn Entry, e.
Powrie, A. Cooper, Perth Road, n.
Powrie, Thomas, Merchant, Wellgate ; House Quality Street.
Prain, James, Baker, Blackscroft,
Prain, Robert, Vintner, 3, Thorter Row.
Preston, John, Manufacturer, Chapelshade.
Profit, James, Cowfeeder, St. Andrews Street.
Pryde, John^ Tailor, Barrack Strqet, e.

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