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1^ OG— bW— PA— PEJ
Ogilvy, Alexantler, Rope and Sail-Maker, Shore, p. j Factory and
House Perth Road, s.
Ogilvy, Wlliam & Co. Druggists, 16 and 17, Town House.
Ogilvie, Mrs. William, Brewer, 12, Crichton Street, w,
Ogilvie, William, Shipmaster, Fish Street, s.
Ogilvie, Mrs. Dr. Magdalene Green.
Ogilvie, David, Thread-maker, Overgate, n.
Ogilvie, David, Draper, 64, High Street, n. ; House above.
Ogilvie, Mrs, George, High Street, n.
Ogilvie, John, Dealer, Blackness Road, s.
Ogilvie, Michael, Whip-maker, Wellgate, w.
Ogilvie, James J. Shoemaker, 80, Seagate, n.
Oliver, Margaret, Dealer in Stoneware, Wellgate, e.
Oman, George, Cooper, Murraygate, e.
Onions, Mrs. Broker, 5, Church Yard Lane.
Operative Mason Lodge, Guillan's Close, Overgate, n.
Orem, Alexander, Vintner, 2, Church Yard Lane.
Orquhart, James, Shoemaker, 121, Nethergate, n.
Orr, Patrick, Sheriff Clerk, OflSce, 5, Crichton Street, e.
Ouchterlony, David, Merchant, 7> Castle Street, e. ; H. Nethergate, s.
Ower, John Hay, Manufacturer, Hawkhill, s.
Ower, Peter, Vintner, 100, Overgate, s.
Ower, Jean, Vintner, Overgate, n.
Pandriech, Mrs. William, Manufacturer, Blackness Road, s.
Park, Mungo, of the Excise, Cowgate, s.
Paterson, William, Confectioner, 51, Murraygate, e.
Paterson, William, Hairdresser, Fish Street, s.
Paterson, William, Gardener, Green Market; House Perth Road, s»
Paterson, John, Grocer, Scouringburn, s.
Paterson, James, Vintner, Hillton, e.
Paterson, James, Town-Crier, Gray's Close, High Street, n.
Paterson, John, Tailor, 108, Murraygate, n,
Paterson, David, Vintner, Hawkhill, s.
Paton, James & Son, Manufacturers, Perth Road, s.
Paterson, William, Tailor, Overgate, s.
PattuUo, David & John, Spirit-Dealers, 42, Murraygate, e,
PattuUo, James, Vintner, Croom's Close, High Street, n.
PattuUo, William, Grocer, 92, Nethergate, n.
PattuUo, David, Baker, Wellgate, w.
Paul, James, Merchant, 10, Cowgate, s.
Peacock, David, Timber Merchant, West Shore,
Peacock, William, Dealer, Scouringburn, n.

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