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40 MU— MY— NA— NE.
Muat, William, Confectioner, 5, Overgate, s.
Muat, John, Confectioner, 14, Overgate, s.
Mudie, Peter, Surgeon, Peter Street, n.
Mudie, John, manufacturer, Seagate, n.
Mudie, John, Surgeon, meadow entry, murraygate, W.
Mudie, William, Upholsterer, 196, Overgate, n.
Mudie, Thoraa$, mealseller. King Street, n.
Mudie, Peter, Wright, Peter Street, s.
Mudie, Robert, Vintner, 31, murraygate, e,
Mudie, John, manufacturer, Dallfield.
Mudie, Peter, Vintner, King Street, n.
Muir, Jean, Tea-Dealer, murraygate, e.
Munro, Hugh, Smith and Ironmonger, 103, murraygate, w.
Munro, John, Smith, West-port, n.
I^urison, James, Silk mercer, 11, Union Street, w. j House Castle
Street, e.
Murray, James, Ironmonger, II, High Street, s. ; H. Chapelshade.
Murray, William, Acadeiny; House 10, South Tay Street.
Murray, Mrs. Milne's Buildings, Nethergate, s.
Murray, John, Dealer, East Shore.
Murray, M. & Co. Vintners, 3, Church Yard.
Murray, J. P. Shoemaker, Church Yard.
Murray, Misses, Dress-makers, Nethergate, s.
Murray, William, Ironmonger, 66, murraygate, w. ; H. Forebank.
Murray, Misses. Dress-makers, murraygate, vf.
Murdoch, William & Son, Grocers, 179, Overgate, n.
Murdoch, George, Shipping Co.'s Office; H. St. Clement's Lane.
Murdoch, David, Wright, Horse Wynd.
Myles, James, maufacturer, Hawkhill, s.
Myles, Mrs. Lodgings, green market, w.
Napier, George, manager. Brewery, Pleasance.
Naysmith, Robert, Surgeon, Perth Road, s.
Keave, David, Architect, South Tay Street, w.
Neilson, Miss Elizabeth, Bain Square.
Neish, James, Customhouse ; House Perth Road, s.
Neish, Thomas, Junr. Agent, meadow entry; House Hawkhill H.
Neish, James, Junr. manufacturer, mid road, Chapelshade.
Neish, Alexander, manufacturer, Bucklemaker Wynd.
NEW BANK, 53, murraygate, e.
Newcastle Shipping Co.'s Office, green market, w,
Nevvall & Smith, Agents, Seagate.
Newall, Walter, House, Hawkliill Place.

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