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Chairman — Hugh Hunter.
Secretary and Treasurer — Leonard C. Boyd, Solicitor.
Law Agent — Leonard C. Boyd. Auditor — James Scott.
Offices — Wellington Chambers, 6 Fullarton Street.
Those marked (c.G.) the Certificiated General;
(CM.) Certificated Midwifery only.
c.G. — Miss Armour, 32 Campbell Street.
C.G.— Mrs Clark (C.M.B.), 4 Smith Street.
C.G.— Favali (Clancey), 29 Main Street.
c.G. — Miss Muir, 63 New Road.
C.G.— Miss M'Oallum (G.M.H.), 10 Aldeston Avenue.
C.G.— Mrs M'Janet, 12 Gordon Street.
C.G. — Mrs Mackie (Masseuse), 97 New Road.
C.G.— Miss C. Reid, 58 Prestwick Road.
C.G.— Mrs Richmond, 6 Midton Road.
Miss T. Hood (Masseuse and Medical Gymnastics), 30
Midton Road,
(c) — Miss J. G. P-aiterson (Masseuse, Electrici'ty, and
Naulieim Treatment), 2 Cathcart Street,
(c) — Miss Muir (Masseuse and Manicuring), 2 Queen's
C. P. Arnold, Professional Masseur, 109 New Road.
CM. — Miss Clark, 15 Alderston Avenue.
CM. — Miss Liscoe, 25 John Street.
CM.— Mrs M'Cartney, 229 High Street.
CM.— Miss M'Connachie, 71 New Road.
CM.— Mrs M'Whirter, 216 High Street.
CM.— Mrs M'Williams, 10 Carrick Street.
CM. — Mrs 8cott, 63 Main Street.
CM. — Mrs Thomson, 25 River Terrace.
Mrs Crawford, 45 Alloway Street.
Mrs Cross, 37 Mill Street.
Miss M. Cumming, 6 Smith Street.
Mrs Andrew, 20 River Street.
Mrs Cunningham, 3 Tryfield Place.
Miss Dempster, 35 George Street.
Mrs S. Gracie, 31 New Road.
Mrs Hood, 40 New Road.
Mrs Lawson, 27 River Termce.
Mrs M'Cartney, 93 High Street.
Mrs Mackintosh. 10 Craigie Avenue.
Miss M'Leod, 25 New Road.
Mrs Peaston, 101 South Harbour Street.
Mrs Pyper, 71 Mill Street.
Mrs Stewart, 144 High Street.

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