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1. — Inland Letters.
The rate of postage to be prepaid is one penny for every half ounce or
fraction of half an ounce. As a general rule, the postage, if not paid in
advance, is double the foregoing; and if the payment in advance be insuffi-
cient, double the deficiency is charged. An inland letter, for example,
weighing more than half an ounce and not exceeding one ounce, if bearing
a penny stamp only, is, on dehvery, charged twopence. On re-directed
letters, however, the charge for re-direction is the same whether prepaid
or collected on delivery.
2. — Newspapers and other Periodicals hearing the Newspaper Stamp.
Inland. — Made up in covers open at the sides, with the stamp exposed
to view, and posted within fifteen days of publication, with no marks or
writing in any part except the address (or they will be charged twopence
extra on each paper), are forwarded from one part of the kingdom to
another free (except those dehvered within the free delivery of the place
where posted, which are charged one penny).
Foreign. — Newspapers or periodicals registered at the General Post-
Office for transmission abroad, are sent at reduced rates; but the rates
must be wholly paid in postage stamps, as the impressed newspaper stamp
counts for nothing. Newspapers not registered are treated as books.
3. — Booh Post, including, when the foregoing special privileges are not claimed,
Newspapers (with other periodicals) and Parliamentary Proceedings.
The postage is one penny for every quarter of a pound or fraction of a
quarter of a pound.
Colonial and Foreign Booh Post. — Except that the rates of postage are
higher, books can be sent to all British Colonies, and to many foreign
countries, on the same conditions as those of the Inland Book Post.
4. — Inland Pattern and Sample Post.
The postage is twopence for every quarter of a pound or fraction of a
quarter of a pound. No packet of patterns or samples must exceed 24
ounces in weight.
By the prepayment of a fee of fourpence any letter, newspaper, book,
or other packet, may be registered to any place in the United Kingdom
or the British Colonies.

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