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Bowie, Thomas, 84 Portland street
Terapleton, James, Portland street
Hendry, Thomas, St, Andrew's Burying
Ground; house, 14 East Netherton st.
Kerr, Ro,, High Church Burying Grround;
house, 86 Portland street
Carmichael, John, 24 King street
Taylor, Thomas, 66 Portland street
Taylor, Wm., 66 Portland street
Crooks, Adam, & Son, Welbeck street
Morgan, John, 23 High street
Brown, John, 83 Portland street
Brown, Charles, & Co., 6 East George st.
Campbell, John, 1 Portland terrace
Clark, Peter, 3 Fore street
Yuille, Robt., & Sons, 23 Portland street
Adams, Robert, College wynd
Allan, William, Market lane
Anderson, Andrew, Duke street
Andersgn, Matthew, Guard lane
Armour, James, Corner of Croft and
Strand streets
Arthur, Mrs., 22 Duke street
Auld, Robert, Grange street
Bain, Matthew, 4 Glencairn square
Bankhead, Hugh, 2 Union street
Brown, James, 70 Hill street
Brown, Thomas, 4 King street
Buchanan, Mrs. Marion, 19 West Shaw st.
Campbell, Andrew, 10 Wellington street
Clark, James, 4 West George street
Connallj', Thomas, 57 Fore street
Cowie, John, Dunlop street
Craig, John, 32 High street
Creelman, William, 5 Regent street
Creelraan, Wm. B., Queen street
Crichton, Mrs. James, 22 West George st.
Crooks, Adam, 13 High Glencairn street
Cunningham, David, 20 Cheapside street
Donnelly, John, 55 Fore street
Douglas, Robert, 57 Portland street
Duncan, William, 98 Portland street
Dunlop, Samuel, Refreshment Rooms,
Railway station
Fulton, Hugh, St. Marnock street
Fullarton, James, Cheapside street
Gemmell, Hugh, Angel Inn, Market lane
Gibb, John, High Glencairn street
Gilchrist, Thomas, 10 West George st.
Goudie, William, 108 King street
Hanvey, Patrick, 37 Robertson place
Henderson, Andrew, Witch Hill Cottage,
Witch road
Howie, David, 10 Duke street
Humphrey, Thomas, 15 Cheapside street
Kerr, James, 15 Fore street
Latta, Mrs. George, 3 Welbeck street
Lauder, John, 2 North Hamilton street
Little, Mrs. David, Sun Inn, Green street
Manson, Wm., 76 Titchfield street
Miller, Alexander, 1 Regent street
Murray, James, 13 Cheapside street
M'Callum, Samuel, 40 High street
M'Caw, John, 10 Regent street
M'CuUey, W., 54 & 56 Low Glencairn st.
M'Farlane, John, 20 Bank street
M'Fedries, Thomas, Burns' Tavern, Low
Glencairn street
M'Guire, John, 21 Fore street
M'Kinlay, Mrs. Robert, 81 Titchfield st.
M'Kissock, George, 7 St. Marnock street
M'Laughland, James, 12 Waterloo street
M'Mahon, John, 32 Fore street
M'Murtrie, Adam, Black Bull Hotel
M'Pherson, Daniel, Crown Hotel
Paterson, Robert, 6 West George street
Partridge, George, 9 High Glencairn st.
Porter, Alexander, 32 Langlands street
Rankin, Robert, 9 Reuent street
Richmond, John, 71 Portland street
Richmond, Archibald, Portland Arras Inn.
Robb, Mrs. James, Wheat Sheaf Inn,
Croft street
Ritchie, James, 15 Fore street
Rodgers, James, 65 Fore street
Rowat & Coy., 4 Green street
Russell, James, 1 Dean lane
Sands, James, Titchfield street
Shearer, John, 10 West Langlands street
Sinclair, John, Commercial Inn, Croft st*
Steel, Mrs, John, Star Inn, Regent st.
Steel, John, 9 Waterloo street
Stewart, Thomas, 4 Waterloo street
SutclifFe, Benjamin, 44 Low Glencairn st,
Thomson, Andrew, 128 King street
Wales, Hugh, 5 King street

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