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SHEARER, John, spirit dealer, 10 West L an glands street.
Shearer, Robert, weaving agent, 18 East Netherton street.
SHIELDS, Henry, grocer, head of High street.
Shields, John, baker. High Glencairn street.
SHINNIN, Andrew, gardener, Hill street.
SIMPSON, David, burgh pohee constable, North Hamilton street.
Simpson, John, solicitor, 8 Duke st.; ho., Hunter's Hill, off John Finnie st.
Simpson, Wilham, Dundonald road.
SINCLAIR. James, post-runner to Symington ; house, Souhs street.
Sinclair, John, Commercial Inn, Croft street.
SLOAN,, Wilham, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Soulis street.
SMITH, Alexander, session clerk, and classical teacher, Kilmarnock
Academy ; house, Titchfield street.
Smith, Alexander, grocer and provision dealer, 41 Robertson place.
Smith Brothers, stationers, printers, lithographers, &c., 30 King street.
Smith, David, weaving agent, 40 Robertson place.
Smith, Ebenezer, writer, and agent for the British Linen Coy. Bank, 63
Portland street.
Smith, George, upholsterer, 3 Fulton's lane.
Smith, Rev. George J., C. C. St. Joseph's, Hill street.
Smith, James, clothier, 32 King street.
Smith, James, silk mercer and draper, Morris place, King street ; house.
Grange terrace, Irvine road.
Smith, James, grocer, 32 Robertson place.
Smith, James, pharmaceutical chemist. Apothecary's Hall, 62 King street ;
house, Etruria Bank, Portland terrace.
Smith, James (of R. Grieve & Son), 26 Portland street.
Smith, John, bookseller, and agent for the "Ayr Advertiser," 20 Portland
street; house, Hunter's Hill, off John Finnie street.
Smith, John, burgh police constable, Waterloo street.
Smith, John, Greenbank, Hill street.
Smith, Mathew, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 High Glencairn street ; ho.,
2 Glencairn square.
Smith, Matthew (of Smith and Wallace), ho., Brougham place, Witch rd.
Smith, Robert, weaving agent. West Netherton street.
Smith, Thomas (of Smith Brothers), house, Bowring place, Dean street.
Smith, Wilham, cowfeeder, 5 London road.
Smith, William, carpet foreman, Nelson street.
Smith and Wallace, accountants, house factors, and insurance agents,
11 King street.
Smith, Mrs. James, register office for servants, 41 Titchfield street.
Smith, Agnes, dressmaker, 40 Robertson place.
Smith, Jane, grocer and provision merchant, 30 Fore street.
SOMERVAIL, John, foreman baker, Hill street.
Soraervail, William, Braeside Spinning Mill, and Hapland Mills, Dunlop.

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