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A d King Edward Rd., off Southbraedr., Jordanhill,
East side, Nos. 6 to 34, 12; other No?., 26.
H i King's Drive, f. James Street, Bridgeton, to
Govan Street Bridge. 3.
C e King's Gate, f. Albion tt. to Victoria Ores. rd. 23.
F m King's Park Avenue, off Carmunaock road,
Mount Florida. 19.
E i King's Park Place, from James street to Joha
street, Greenhead. 3.
F I King's Park Road, from Cathcait road to Car-
munnock road. 19.
King's Terrace, Crosbie street.
B e Kingsborough Gardens, Kelvinside. 12.
Be Kingsborough Ter., Hyndland road 12.
B I Kingsland Drive, off Berryknowe road, Gar-
donald. 18.
F I Kingoley Avenue, from Queen's Park avenue to
Cathcart railway. 19.
E h Kingston Dock, off Paisley road. 17.
C c Kingstone Place, off Main street, Maryhill. 14.
F m Kinmount Avenue, near Mount Annan drive,
Mount Florida. 19.
I j Kinnear Road, off London rd., Bridgeton. 1.
Kinneil Place, Paisley road, W. 25.
F g Kinnel PL, Renfrew court, off Renfrew st. 9.
Di Kinning Place, off Gloucester street. 17.
E i Kinning St., f. Gloucester st. to Scotland st. 17.
C e Kinnoull Place, Dowaubill. 23. -
E m Kintore Road, Newlands. 19.
Kirk Lane, Pollokshaws. 20.
H h Kirk St., from Main st. to Green St., Calton. 3.
Ck Kirkcaldy Rd.,f.Titwoodrd. to Shawmossrd. 18.
E e Kirkland Street, off New City road. 13
C d Kirklee Circus, f. Ford rd. to Kirklee rd. 12.
Cd Kirklee Gardens, Billhead. 12.
C e Kirklee Road, off Great Western road. 12.
/ t Kirkpatrick Street, London rd. to Avenue st. 2.
II Kirkwood Street, off Main St., Rutherglen. 22.
Ci Kirkwood Street, Beliahouston. 25.
D i Knightswood Place, Paisley Road, west. 25.
J^ I Knockhill Drive, between Mount Annan drive
and Kinmount avenue. 19.
F Jc Klnowe Terrace, Cathcart road, CrossMll. 19.
Bj Knowe Terrace, Shields rd., Pollokshields. 18.
Kyle Street, off Dobbie's loan. 8.
F I La Belle Place, Mount Florida. 19.
D g ha. Belle PL, fr. Clifton st. to Claremont st. 12.
Laburnum Road, Beliahouston. 18.
D e Lacrosse Ten, off Belmont st., Hilihead. 12.
B h Ladypark Place, Summerton road, Govan, 24 ;
H h LadyweU St., f. John Knox st. to Dake st. 4.
Laggaa road, Newlands, 19.
F c Lambhill Crescent, LambhilL 7.
E Lambhill Square Lambhill. 7.
D i Lambhill Street, Plantation, off Paisley rd. 25.
G/ Lanark Street, off Dobbie's Loan. 8.
G h Lanark Street, off Greendyke street. 3.
B d Lancaster Cres , from Crossloan rd. to Redlands
House, Kelvinside. 12.
B e Lancaster Terrace, Kelvinside. 12.
Eh Laucefield Place, west end of Anderston qn. 11.
B h Lancefield Quay, foot of Elliot street. 1 1.
D h LancelieldSt.jf.Lancefield quaytoCranstonst.il.
E ;' Lancelot Place, corner of Prince's street and
Kenmure street, Pollokshields. 18.
E I Landoro Terrace, Mount Florida. 19.
H i Landressy Street, Canning st. to Green street,
Bridgeton. 3.
A h Langlands road, Govan. 2 4.
A h Langlands Terrace and Cottages, Govan. 24.
El Langside Avenue, Monument to Crossmyloof. 19.
D m Langside Place, f. Millbrae road to Mansion
House road. 19.
F J Langside Road, from north of Butterbiggins road
southward to Millbrae road. From Butter-
biggins rd. to Cathcart Rly., 16 ; south of
Rly., 19.
D m Langside Rd., Newlands, f. River Cart south. 19.
D I Langside Terrace, James Gray st. 19.
A d Lansdowne Avenue, ScotstounhilL 23.
DJ Lansdowne Cres., G. West, rd., nr. Kelvin br. 13.
DJ" Lansdowne Gardens, Montague street. 12.
D I Lansdowne Place, Shawlands. 20.
E I Lansdowne Rd., f. Parkview to Battlefield av. 19
D « Lansdowne Terrace, North Woodside road. 13.
B i Larch Road, off Manor road, Ibrox. 18.
Fj Larkfield St., f. Cathcart rd. to Inglefield st. 16.
E m Lauderdale Avenue, Newlands. 19.
B e Lauderdale St. and Gdns., off Clarence dr. 12.
D f Laurel Bank, Wilson street, Hilihead. 12.
A e Laurel Bank, off Crow road, Partick. 23.
C I Liurel Bank PI., Shawhill rd., Shawlands. 20.
A f Laurel Street, Partick. 23.
Fh Laurieston,' south side of the river, between
Gorbals church, Carlton pL, and Bridge st. 17.
D h Laurieston Place, 1 Govan road. 18.
H e Laverockhill Street, off Peterahill road. 5.
Bf Lawrence PL, off Hyndland St., Partick. 23.
Cf Lawrence Street, Partick. 23.
H e Leckithill Street, off Springburn road. 5.
E I Ledard Road, f. Sinclair drive to Millbrae road,
Langside. 19.
G h Leitch's Court, 157 Trongate. 10.
C i Lendel Place, Paisley road. 2 5.
C i Lendel Terrace, Paisley road. 25.
E d Leny Street, off Firhill road. 7.
A e Lennox Avenue, fr. Dumbarton road t3 Norse
load, Scotstoun. 26.
A e Lennox Place, Scotstoun, Whiteinch. 26.
F e Lennox Street, off Saracen st. 7.
D ; Leslie Road, off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 18.
Ej Le.-lie St., off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 18.
Letham Drive, Newlands. 19.
D I Lethington Avenue, f. Albert road to Seyton
avenue, Langside. 19.
D ; Leven St., off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 18.
Ed Leyden Gardens, off Leyden st., Maryhill. 14.
E d Leyden Street, off Bilsland drive, MaryhilL 14.
Dj Lily Place, Shields road. 18.
/ J Lily Street, off Springfield road. 1.
Cf Lilybank, Hilihead street, Hilihead. 1 2.
C e Lilybank Buildings, Byres road, Hilihead. 12.
Cy Lilybank Gardens, Great George street. 12.
C e Lilybank Place, Great George street 12.
E / Lilybank Place, Thistle street, Gamethill 9.
Lilybank Place, Pollokshaws. 20.
EJ Lilybank Road, from Eglinton st. to Cathcart
Riilway, 17. West of Eglinton street (south
side), 18.
Ej Lilybank Street, off Eglinton street. 18.
Ef Lilybank Terrace, West Graham street. 9.
Ce Lilybank Ter., Kersland street, Hilihead. 12.
C e LUybank Ter. Lane, off Gt George street. 12.
Gj Lime St., fr. South York st. to Gilmour st. 15.
A e Lime St., off Dumbarton rd., Whiteinch. 23.

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