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Bf Rosevale Tpr., Dumbarton rd., Partick. 23.
/ h Roslea Drive, f. Hillfoot street to Cumbernauld
road, Dennistoun. 4.
F Roslin PI., w. end Bnrnside st., Garscnbe rd. 9.
D f Roslyn Gardens, W. Princes street. 12.
Rosljn Place, Shettleston. 21.
Ross Avenue, off Paisley road. 18.
G h Ross St., f. GaDowgate to Gt. Hamilton st. 3.
Dj Rosslyn Place, Kenmnre st, PoUokshieldfl. 18.
D/ Roslyn Terrace, Park road, 12.
C« Rosslyn Terrace, Kelvinside. 12.
BJ Rothesay Gardens, White st., Partick. 23.
O g Rottenrow. North side, 8. South side, 10.
A d Rowallan Gardens, off Crow road. 23.
C e Rowallan Quad.. Dundonald rd., Kelvinside. 12.
A c Rowallan Road, fr. Marlborough av. to Blenheim
drive. 23.
B i Rowan Rd., Beech Avenue rd. 18.
/ h Rowchester Street, off Gallowgate. 2.
R' xburgb Circus, between Ross and Fife
avenues. 18.
C e Roxburgh Street, Byres rd., Kelvinside, 12,
G t Roy Street, off Keppochhill road. 7.
F h Royal Bank PL, from Buchanan st. to Exchange
square. 10.
D t Royal Bank Place, off Paisley road. 25.
B g Royal Blind Asylum, 106 Castle street. 4.
D g Royal Crescent, west end of Sauchiehall st. 12.
E k Royal Crescent, Queen's drive. Crossbill. 19.
F h Royal Exchange Court, 85 Queen street. 10.
F h Royal Exchange Square, Queen st. 10.
E g Royal Infirmary, Castle street. 4.
A d Royal Lunatic Asylum, GartnaveL 12.
D g Royal Terrace Lane. 12.
Fl Royal Ten, Queen's drive (W.), Crossbill. 19.
D g Royal Terrace, back of Royal crescent 12.
A g Royal Terrace, Go van. 24.
H d Royal Terrace, Balgray road. 6.
Ef Ruall Ter., corner St. George's road and West
Graham street. 9.
/ / Ruby Street, off New Dalmamock road. 1.
Kuchill Hospital, Bilsland drive. 7.
D d Ruchill Road, off Gairbraid St., Marybill. 14,
D d Rucbill St., f. Gairbraid st to Canal bridge, and
extends across Canal bridge. No. 35 and
50 upwards, 7 ; other numbers, 14.
D d Ruchill Terrace, Gairbraid street, MaryhilL 14.
F k Rugby Terrace, Govanhill street. 16.
Hj Rumford Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 1.
E/ Rupert Street, off Great Western road. 12.
II Ruskin Terrace, Rutherglen. 22.
Cg Russell Place, off Kelvinhaugh street. 11.
H i Russell Place, Risk st. to Clay thorn st. 3.
G h Russell St, f. Kent st to New st., Calton. 3.
Bf Russell Street, fiom Orchard street to Merkland
street 23.
Bg Russell St, from Albert street to Broomloan
road, Govan. 24.
F g Rutherford Lane, f. Benfield st. to Hope st.
Bj Rutherglen Bridge.
G j Rutherglen Road, from Crown street to Polmadie
burn. From Main street to Thistle street,
17 ; from Thistle st to Braehead st. 15.
Ft Rutherglen Rd.,f. Braehead st to Millcroft 16.
C e Ruthven Place, off Byres road, Kelviuside. 12,
Ce Ruthven Street, off Byres rd., Kelvinside, 12.
D h Rutland Crescent, Govan road. 18,
D A Rutland Lane, Govan road. 25.
D h Rutland Place, Govan road. 18.
CJ St. Albans Place and Terrace, Dowanhill. 23.
EJ St Andrew's Cross, top of Eglinton street.
D i St. Andrew's Dr., PoUokshields, off Shields rd. to
Eastwood Parish boundary. 18.
G h St. Andrew's Lane, off Gallowgate. 3.
Ej St Andrew's Rd., east of Shields rd. 18 and 20
G h St. Andrew's Sq., principal entryf. Saltmarket. 3.
G A St Andrew's St, f. Saltmarket to St. Andrew'!
square. 3.
ff k St. Ann's Place, Wellpark. 4.
D m St. Bride's Road, off Corrour "road. 19.
E e St. Clair St., f. N. Woodside rd. to Seamore st. 13.
G k St. Crispin's Buildings, Spoutmouth and Graemo
street. 3.
F h St Enoch Chambers, 18 Dixon street. 10.
F A St Enoch Lane, 146 Argyle street 10,
Fk St. Enoch Square, off Argyle street 10.
F h St. Enoch Railway Station, St. Enoch square. 10.
Fh St Enoch Wynd, off Argyle street 10.
Fh St. Enoch's Wynd (S. end), off W.Howard st 10.
/ g St. Eonan's Terrace, Cunibemanld road. 4.
F g St George's Court, 94 West Nile street 10.
E jf St. George's Cross, St. George's road.
F g St. George's Place, west, 61 to 89 W. George
street. 10.
E f St. George's Rd., f. Sauchiehall st. toGarscube rd.
E. side of do., Nos 2 to 540, 9.
W. side of do., f. Charing cr. to Gt. Western
road, Nos. 1 to 249. 12.
W. side of do., f. St. George's Cross to Gars-
cube road. No. 279 and upwards. 13.
D i St. George's Ter., 67-69 Paisley road, west. 18.
D e St. James' Place, off Great Western road,
Hillhead. 12.
G g St James' Rd., f. Castle st. to Parliament, rd. 8,
E St, James' Road, Cathcart, 19
E k St. James' Street, off Paisley road. 18.
D e St. James' St, Billhead, north of Wilson st 12.
D e St. James' Terrace, Great Western road. 12.
D i St. James' Ten, Kinning pk., off Paisley rd. 18,
S A St. John's Place, east end of Graeme st. 3.
D g St. John's Place, Dumbarton road, from Houlds-
worth street to Elliot street. 11.
D J St John's Rd., off St. Andrew's dn, Polloksh. 18.
E St John's Road, Cathcart. 19.
H h St. John's Siding, Graeme street, city. 3.
F e St John Street, off Craighill road. 7.
D e St. John's Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 12.
H A St. Joseph's Place, off Abercromby street. 3. .
G h St. Margaret's PL, f. Bridgegate to Jail sq. 10.
le St. MarnockSt,f. Broadst toCrownpointrd. 2.
F g St Mary's Lane, f. W. Nile st to Benfield stlO.
Ef St. Mary's Lane, Napiershall street. 13.
Ef St. Mary's Place, Napiershall street. 13.
H d St. Monance Street, off Broomfield road. 6.
G g St. Mungo Street. 8.
F i St. Ninian St f. Adelphi st. to Govan 3t 17.
Eg St Peter's Lane, f. Main at. to Douglas st. 10.
Ef St Rollox, Townhead.
C / St Ronan's Drive Shawlands. 20.
F g St Vincent Chambers, 29 St. Vincent place. 10
D g St. Vincent Cres., Sandyford, Argyle st. 11.
D g St. Vincent Crescent Lane, Sandyford. 11.
F g St. Vincent Lane, from St. Vincent pi. to West
George street. 10.
F g St. Vincent Lane, from Hope st. to Pitt st. 10

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