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Eg Paterson Street, off William st., Anderston. 11.
/ h Paton Street, off Duke street. 4.
G k Patteson Row, Polmadie, off Aikenhead rd. 16.
G g Paul Street, fr. Cathedral st. to Garden st. 8.
E h Paxton Terrace, Albert road, Crosshill. 19.
Pearl Assurance Bdgs., Eenfield st. and West
George street. 10.
/ i Peel Street, off Broad street. Mile-end. 2.
Bf Peel Street, off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 23.
Eg Peel Terrace, 102 to 112 Hill st., Garnethill. 9.
D g Pembroke St., f. St. Vincent st. to Kent road. 11
Ef Pentland Place, off French street, Bridgeton. 1.
Ci Percy Street, off Paisley road. 25.
D d Percy St., f. Gower st. to Kelvinside avenue. 14.
D e Percy Terrace, Montgoraerie st., Kelvinside. 14.
Eg Perth Street, off Argyle street, Anderston. 11.
H e Petershill Road, off Springburn rd. Both sides
to Barnhill Poorhouse, 6 ; south side east
of Poorhouse, 5 ; north side east of Poorb., 6.
D I Peveril Avenue, from Ravenswood drive to
St. Ronan's drive. 20.
Ff Phoenix Park, Garscube road. 9.
F/ Phcenix Park Ten, f. Debbie's Loan to Corn st. 9.
Ff Phoenix Recreation Grounds, Garscube rd. 9.
E h Piccadilly St., f. Stobcross st. to Anderston qy.ll.
G j Pine St., f. Rutherglen rd. to Caledonia rd. 1.5.
ff/Pinkston Road. Both sides to N.B. Rly., 5;
No. 282 and upwards, 7.
E g Pitt Street, from Argyle st. to Sauchiehall st.
Do. east side. 10.
Do. west side. 11.
E h Plant Street, off Netherfield street. 2.
J) i Plantation Buildings, north side of Paisley rd,,
west of Parkhouse. 25.
Cf Plantation Place, north side of Paisley rd. 25.
C h Plantation Quay, West of Mavisbank quay. 25.
D h Plantation Street, off Paisley road. 25.
Ij Playfair Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1.
C I Pleasance Street, Pollokshaws. 20.
B g Pointhouse, at Govan ferry, north side. 11.
B g Pointhouse Road and Terrace, f. Galbraith st. to
Ferry road, Yorkhill. 11.
PoUok Buildings, near Halfway ho., Cockerbill.
C I Pollok Gardens, Tassie at, Shawlands. 20.
D / Pollok Road, off Shawhill road. 20.
E i Pollok Street, f. Paisley road to Scotland st. 17.
C I Pollok Street, Pollokshaws. 20.
Pollok Villas, f. Pollokshaws rd. to Grantly gds.
F i Pollokshaws Rd., f. Cumberland st. to P'shaws.
Nos. 257 to 279, 16. Nos. 1 to 197 and 2
to 302, 17. East side from Toll to No. 689
inclusive, 18. East side from Bute ter. to
Shawlands cross, 19. West side from Toll
to Moss road, 18. West side from Moss rd.
to Sawlands cross. 19. Both sides from
Shawlands cross to Pollokshaws. 20.
G k Polmadie Road, Polmadie, off Rutherglen rd. 16.
G k Polmadie Street, off Pelmadie road. 16.
B e Polwarth St. and Gdns., off Clarence dr. 12.
A d Poplar Avenue, off Crow road, Broomhill. 23.
Ag Poplar Road. 18.
D g Port St., f. Stobcross st. to Houldsworth st. 11.
F g Port Dundas Rd., f. top of Buchanan st. to Port
Dun. West side of do. 9 ; east side of do. 8.
E i Port Eglinton.
K i Porter Street, off Great Eastern Road. 2.
Ci Porter Street, off Clifford st., W. Govan. 25.
O g Portland Street, f. George st. to Rottenrow. 10
4? t Portman pi,, Glasgow and Smith sts., Hillh. 12.
D i Portman St., off Park st., Kinning Park. 18.
F i Portugal Lane, Gorbals, from Norfolk street tp
Bedford street. 17.
F i Portugal Street, f. Norfolk st. to Surrey st. 17.
Fd Possilpark, north of Craighall road. 7.
F e Possil Road, fr. Garscube road to Canal bridge.
East side, 9. Nos. 171 and upwards and
186 and upwards, 7. West side to Canal, 13.
Possil Row, Lambhill. 7.
E e Possilview Terrace, Balgray road. 6.
C k Potterfield. 20.
F h Pratt's Ct., 109 Argyle st. and 9 Maxwell st. 10
Fk Preston Street, Cathcart road, Govanhill. 16.
n Preston Street, off London rd., Bridgeton. 1.
C i Primrose Place, Paisley road. 25.
A e Primrose Street, Scotstonn. 26.
Prince's Dock, Plantation. 25,
B e Prince's Gardens, Dowanhill. 23.
F h Prince's Square, 40 and 48 Buchanan st. 10.
E k Prince's Square, Strathbungo. 18.
B h Prince's Street, Govan. 24.
Ej Prince's Street, off Shields rd., Pollokshields. 18.
B e Prince's Terrace, Dowanhill. 23.
B e Prince Albert Road, Dowanhill. North side,
12 ; south side, 23.
E k Prince Albert Street, f. Pollokshaws road to
Victoria rd.; Nos. 5 to 12, 19 ; other Nos. 18
E k Prince Edward St., from Victoria rd. to South
Cromwell road. 18.
E h Prince of Wales Build., 34-56 Buchanan st. 10.
F k Prince of Wales Ter., Victoria rd., Govanh. 18.
C e Prince of Wales Ter., Byres rd., Hillheai 12-
F I Prospecthill Rd., f. Battlefield rd. to Malls Mire.l9.
IT/ Provacmill Road, off Garngad road. 5.
Ej Provanhill Street, off Garngad road. 5.
Gf Pulteney Street, off Dobbie's loan. 8.
D m Quadrant Road, off Langside rd., Newlands. 19.
Li Quarrybrae Street, off Baird st., Parkhead. 2.
L » QuaiTyknowe Street, off Westmuir street. 2.
F g Queen Arcade, 110 Renfrew street. 9.
Queen's Avenue, Shettleston. 21.
F g Queen's Buildings, corner of St. Vincent plaoi
and Buchanan street. 10.
Fh Queen Court, 62 Queen street. 10.
Ef Queen's Crescent, off Melrose street. 12.
£ OT Queen's Crescent, Cathcart. 19.
E e Queen's Cross Buildings, Springbank. 13.
E e Queen's Cross Place, Springbank st. 13.
Queen's Cros3, Cathcart. 19.
Ee Queen's Cross Ten, North Park St. 13.
C g Queen's Dock, f. Finnieston st. westward. 11.
F i Queen's Dn, f. Cathcart rd. to Pollokshaws rd. 19
Ce Queen's Gardens, Dowanhill. 23.
C / Queen's Gate, Dowanhill st , Dowanhill 23.
E k Queen's Park, Crosshill. 19.
F I Queen's Park Avenue, fn Queen Mary avenue
to Queen's drive. 19.
E k Queen's Park PI., P'shaws rd., Strathbungo. 18.
F i Queen's Park Terrace, Eglinton street. 17.
Ef Queen's Place, 79-95 Gt. Western road. 12.
E k Queen Square, Regent park, Strathbungo. 18.
F h Queen Street, from Argyle st. to George sq. 10.
B h Queen Street, Govan. 24.
Cf Queen Street, off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 23.
/ 1 Queen Street, Rutherglen. 22.
E Queen's Ten, south side of W- Prince's st. 1?,

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