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Founded 1861, and Incorporated under Royal Sign
Manual with the Royal College of Veterinary
Patrons — His Grace the Duke of Argyll, the Hon.
the Lord Provost and Magistrates of the city of
Glasgow, the professors of the University of Glasgow,
the Glasgow Agricultural Society, &c, &c.
Principal, Professor M'Call.
Professors — Veterinary Medicine and Surgery,
Jas. M'Call, F.R.C.V.S. ; veterinary materia medica
and therapeutics, Andrew M'Queen, M.R.C.V.S. ;
veterinary anatomy, James Murphy, M.R.C.V.S. ;
chemistry, Reginald A. Berry, F.I.C. Ph.D., B.Sc;
botany, A. N. M'Alpine, B.Sc. (Lon.), R.C.S. ;
bacteriology, Robt. Muir, M.A , M.D., F.R.C.P.
(Glasgow University); pathology, John R. M'Call,
M.R.C.V.S.; physiology, John Lindsay, M.A., M.D.;
parasitology and zoology, Jas. Murphy, M.R.C.V.S.;
veterinary obstetrics, Prof. M 'Call ; hospital practice
and general clinical instruction, Profs. M'Call,
J. Raphael M'Call, M.R.C.V.S., and Duncan M'Leod,
Patrons — T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales.
President, Lord Blythswood ; vice-presidents,
Sir James King, Bart., LL.D., Sir John Stirling
Maxwell, Bart., and A. Cameron Corbett, M.P.;
surgeons, John Edgar, M.A., B.Sc, M.B.C.M., J.
N. Stark, M.D. ; assistant surgeons, A. W. Russell,
M.D., Alice J. M'Laien ; physicians, Geo. Halket,
M.D., David Tindal, M.D. ; assistant physicians,
George Bell Todd, M.B., CM., Alex. Rankin, M.D.;
anaesthetist, Dr. Edward J. Primrose; assistant
anaesthetist, James R. Drever, M.A.., M.B., Ch B. ;
pathologist, Hugh Gait, M.D. ; resident medical
officers, Dr. Jane J. Robertson, Dr. Effie Cassels, and
Dr. Annie M'Rorie; matron, Miss Morton; dis-
pensary department, Drs. J.T. West, J. M. Campbell,
and Wm. Ritchie.
Ladies' Auxiliary Association.
Ladies' Committee — Hon. president, The Right
Hon. Lady Blythswood, Blythswood ; president, Lady
Stirling Maxwell, Pollok ; vice-presidents, Lady
M'Onie, Heathbank, Pollokshields ; Lady Bilsland,
28 Park Circus; Mrs. Ferguson, Trinidad Villa,
Bellahomton ; Mrs. Davidson, Eastwoodhill, Giff-
nock; secretary, Miss A. C. Stewart Wright, 26
Linsdowne Crescent.
The objects of this Institution, which is entirely sup-
ported by voluntary contributions, are (1) to provide
for the free medical and surgical treatment of women
afflicted with disease, and more especially with disease
peculiar to their sex, and to provide a dispensary and
furnish advice and medicine to those who cannot be
received into the hospital; (2) to promote the ad-
vancement of medical and surgical science with
reference to diseases of women, and to provide for
the efficient instruction of students in this depart-
ment of medical knowledge ; and (3) to educate and
train women in the special duties of women's nurses.
The Agnes Barr dispensary, open for free advice daily
at 4 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p m.
Office— 89 West Regent Street. Thos. Macquaker,
hon. secretary and treasurer.
27-28 Elmbank Crescent.
Patrons, The Right Hon. Lord Lovat, Beaufort
Castle, Beauly ; Thomas Brown, Esq., Dalnair,
Drymen; A. Cameron Corbett, Esq., M.P., Thornlie-
bankho.; Rev. Dr J. E. Cumming, Sandyford ; CasR.
Dunlop, Esq., Edinburgh; R. Gourlay, Esq., LL.D.,
124 St. Vincent St.; L. Gow, Esq., LL.D., Hayston,
Kelvinside; Col. Charles M. King, Antermony House,
Milton of Campsie; Dr. Lapraik ; J. R. Martin, Esq.,
Jessieville, Helensburgh; Sir J. D. Marwick, 19
Woodside Terrace; ex-Bailie Morrison, Ashcraig,
Kelvinside; H. L. Seligmann, Esq., 1 Victoria
Crescent, Dowanhill ; David Tod, Esq., Eastwood
Park. Honorary Medical Staff, Prof. James H.
Nicoll, consulting surgeon ; Dr. Thomas Reid,
consulting ophthalmic surgeon ; Dr. F. V. Adams,
hon. assistant surgeon ; Dr. R. Henderson,
anaesthetist; Dr. Thos. Barr, 13 Woodside Place,
aural surgeon; Dr. Jas. G. Connal, Dr. William
Syme, and Dr. J. Stoddart Barr, assistant surgeons;
Dr. Henry Whitehouse, extra assistant surgeon; Dr.
James Walker, pathologist. Matron, Miss Mackay.
Robert Gourlay, Esq., LL.D., 124 St Vincent Street,
hon. treasurer; Adam Sutherland, 71a W. Nile St.,
This charitable institution is snpported by public
and voluntary subscription, its object being the ad-
vancement of this special department of medical
science by lectures and clinical teaching to students,
and the gratuitous treatment of poor persons suffer-
ing from all forms of ear, nose, and throat disease
and deafness. Number of consultations annually
about 12,000.
The hospital, which contains 12 beds for in-door
patients, is always open for urgent cases. Out-door
patients are seen daily at 2 p.m , Wednesdays and
Saturdays at 9.30.
Hospital, 45 Scott Street, Garnethill.
Dispensary, 11 West Graham Street.
Country Branch, Drumchapel.
Patronesses, H.R.H. Princess Louise, Duchess
of Argyll ; H.R.H. Princess Christian &c, &c.
Patrons, The Duke of Argyll, K.T. ; The Earl of
Glasgow, G.C.M.G., &c, &c. Office-bearers for
1908 — President, the Duke of Montrose, K.T.
vice-president, Sir Hector C. Cameron, M.D. ;
directors, James Reid, Dr. A. K. Chalmers, Robert
Philips (chairman), James A- Reid, George Todd,
Charles K. Aitken, Mrs. J. D. Hedderwick, Matthew
Greenlees, Mrs R. S. Allan, Nicol Paton Brown,
Alan E. Clapperton (ex officio), and R. F.
Barclay (ex officio) ■ R. F. Barclay, hon. secy. ;
A. E. Clapperton, hon. treas , 91 West
Regent St. ; hon. medical officers — physicians,
Dr. Samson Gemmell and Dr. George S. Middleton;
surgeons, Dr. T. Kennedy Dalziel and Mr. R. H.
Parry; pathologist, Prof. Robert Muir; aurist, Dr.
Thos. Barr; oculist, Dr. Thos. Reid; dispensary
and country branch physicians, Dr. J. Lindsay Steven,
Dr. R. Barclay Ness, Dr. J. B. Mackenzie Anderson,
Dr. W. K. Hunter, Dr. J. G. Gray, Dr. N.
Macnair, Dr. J. C. M'Clure, Dr. A. Bankier
Sloan, Dr. Archibald G. Hay, and Dr. Leonard

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