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174 Berkeley Street, West, and at 80 Charlotte St.
President, Sir James King, Bart. LL.D. ; directors,
Mrs. Adams, Joseph Findlay, Robert Hunter Dunn,
Sir Hector Cameron, M.D., The Right Hon. Lord
Inverclyde, Walter Macfarlane, Robert G. Munsie,
D. M. Crerar Gilbert, Hugh Taylor Brown, R. G.
Paterson, Hugh Reid, James Broadfoot, W. C.
Bergius, J. Albert Black, William J. Tillie, Prof.
Sir Wm. Macewan, M.D., LL.D., Provost White
of Partick, William Gillies, John E. Nelson,
John Garey, M.D., Wm. M. Haddow, Dugald
M'Kechnie, and E. H. L. Oliphant, M.D.; Wm.
Graham, C.A., hon. treasurer; joint secretaries and
acting treasurers, Wm. Geo. Black and Harold John
Black, 88 West Regent Street ; surgeons, T. S.
Meighan, M.D., A. F. Fergus, M.D., A. Wilson,
M.D., J. Hinshelwood, M.A., M.D., Leslie Buchanan,
M.D., W. E. F. Thomson, M.A., M.D.; assistant
surgeons, A Lewis M'Millan, M.D., H. L. G. Leask,
M.D., W. Cochrane Murray, M.B. CM., Brownlow
Riddell, M.D , A. J. Ballantyne, M.D., A. A
M'Farlane, M.B., Ch.B. ; pathologist, W. B. Inglis
Pollock, M D.; house surgeon, John L. Stewart, M.B.,
Ch.B. ; house superintendent and collector of
subscriptions, Wm. Borland. Matron, Miss Chalmers.
Housekeeper at Charlotte Street, James Duncan.
At the end of 1906 there remained on the books
of the Infirmary 1885 cases; the number of new
cases admitted in 1907 was 26,037, making the total
number of cases under the care of the medical officers
during the year 27,922.
1. Object — The prevention of Consumption and
other forms of Tuberculosis.
2. Membership — The Association consists of hon-
orary, ordinary, and of life members. The subscription
of honorary members is £1 Is. annually, and of
ordinary members 5s. annually. Life members give a
donation of 5 guineas.
3. Methods — (I.) The education of the public
regarding the nature of Consumption, and the
encouragement of individual effort to prevent its
As the operations of the Association can only pro-
ceed and advance according to the measure of
practical support and co-operation accorded by the
public, an Urgent Appeal for Funds is made, and very
specially for the maintenance of the Sanatorium for
the Male Artisan Class at Bellefield, Lanark, where
large alterations and extensions are being made.
Subscriptions will be gladly acknowledged by the
honorary treasurer, or by the Secretary, the latter of
whom will receive applications for membership, and
furnish any other information.
Honorary treasurer, Robert Gourlay, Esq.. LL.D.,
124 St, Vincent St.; honorary secretaries, Walter K.
Hunter, M.D., D.Sc, and J. Robeitson Blackie, Esq. ;
secretary, John Anderson, writer, 140 West Geoige
Street, Glasgow; Ladies' auxiliary— Hon. president,
Her Royal Highness the Princess Louise, Duchess of
Argyle; president, Lady Bilsland ; secretary, Miss
E. H Russell, 1? Kew Gardens, Kelvinside.
The object of the dispensary is to provide free
medical and surgical advice, and, when necessary,
medicine also to the sick poor. The premises are at
78 George Street (near High St.), convenient to a dis-
trict of the city where such a charity is much needed.
Directors — J. Garroway, Esq., chairman; Leonard
Gow, Esq., Dr. Arch. Sloan, Rev. Dr. William Jeffrey,
Dr. D. Couper, Dr. A. K. Chalmers, John M. Easton,
Esq., Walter C. Bergius, Esq., Wm. Ewing, Esq.,
and James R. Blackie, Esq. ; medical committee,
J. Garroway, Esq. , Dr. Jeffrey, and Dr. Sloan ;
dispensary staff — physicians, Dr. Wm. Jeffrey, Dr.
A. D. Moffat, Dr. George Jubb, Dr. Dugald M'Phail,
Dr. Everett M'Laren, Dr. Alex. Linn, Dr. Jno Donald;
surgeons, Dr. Thomas Kay, Dr. James Battersby,
Dr. Donald Duff, Dr. John Alan; diseases of
women, Dr. J. Lindley Carstairs and Dr. E. Graham
Taylor; diseases of children, Dr. R. K. Currie
and Dr. Gertrude Bostock ; diseases of the skin,
Dr. J. W. Nicol and Dr. W. Jack; diseases of
the throat and nose, Dr. W. W. Christie, Dr. James
Galbraith Connal ; diseases of the ear, Dr. John F.
Fergus ; diseases of urinary organs, Dr. Archibald
Young; attendant, Mr. A. C. Munday; auditor, W.
Ferguson, C.A., 108 Hope Street; collector, Miss
Margaret Grady, 70 Millbrae Road, Langside,
Glasgow ; secretary and treasurer, Geo. C. Chapman,
writer, 107 Bath St.
(Instituted 1858.)
President, Dr. B. N. Peach, LL.D., F.R.S., F.G.S.
vice-presidents — for three years, Joseph Sommerville ;
for two years, Prof. J. W. Gregory, D Sc, F.R.S. ;
for one year, R. W. Dron, C.E. ; hon. treas., E. Hall
Wight, F.S.A.A. 150 Hope Street; hon. librarian,
William Sinclair, 45 Oswald Street; hon. editors of
Transactions and joint hon. secretaries, Peter
Macnair, F.R.S.E., F.G.S., Kelvingrove Museum,
Glasgow; F. Mort, M.A., B.Sc, F.G.S., 116 York
Drive, Hyndland.
The objects of the Society are : —
1. To unite, in permanent working association,
the students and friends of Geological Science in
Glasgow and surrounding districts.
2. The advancement of that science by means of
periodical meetings for its study, the reading and
discussion of papers on subjects illustrative of
geology or its allied sciences, the exhibition and
description of specimens, the delivery of lectures, and
by excursions.
3. The formation of a library chiefly relating to
geology, palaeontology, petrography, and mineralogy.
4. The publication of the Society's Transactions
and proceedings.
Life membership, £o 5s. ; ordinary, 10s. per annum
(entitling member to a copy of Transactions as pub-
lished) ; associate (who must be a student attending
a geological class), 2s. 6d. per annum.
The Society meets in the Philosophical Society
Rooms, 207 Bath Street, on the second Thursday of
each month from October to May ; and excursions
are made to suitable geological localities during the
spring and summer months.

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