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10 Newton Terrace, Charing Cross.
P.O. and National Telephone No. 4158.
Receiving Hours, 11 to 1 and 3 to 5 p.m.
"The Institution has now entered on its twenty-
third year of usefulness. During the last twenty-
two years 2271 patients were treated for Cancer
(599 males and 1G72 females), and 17,300 patients
suffeiing from Diseases of the dhin."
The outstanding features of the Institution con-
tinue to be : — (1) The advancement of the
healing art in relation to the treatment of Cancer
and allied diseases, by preserving the continuity of ac-
credited remedies hitherto in use, and adopting such
others as increasing knowledge and experience prove
worthy of confidence — with theviewof obviating, if not
altogether superseding, the use of the knife. In other
words, the Therapeutic treatment of Cancer as dis-
tinguished from the operative. (2) Affording isolation
and privacy to patients — particularly to women —
whose aversion to any exposure or publicity in their
treatment not only accounts for much of the delay
and suffering endured by them before seeking relief,
but is answerable for the large number of hopeless
patients that have to be dealt with from day to day.
As hitherto, the Institution is conducted and main-
tained on the principle that all patients pay according
to tbeir circumstances.
Din cors— John Gill, Esq., S.S.C, Thos. Lawson,
Esq., D. Anderson, Esq.. &c.
Surgeon to the Institution — Dr. Hugh Murray,
F.P.P.S.G.. late senior and consulting surgeon to the
Glasgow Cancer Hospital.
Secretary and Treasurer— Wm. D. Baird, Esq.,
Clydesdale Bank Buildings, 342 Argyle Street.
D. Macniven, assistant secretary and collector.
The Directors earnestly appeal for Subscriptions,
Donations, and Legacies on behalf of the funds of
the Institution.
29 Elmbank Crescent.
Chairman, Alex. Cross, M.P. ; senior physician,
G. Scott MacGregor, M.D., 2 Burnbank Terrace ;
hon. secretary and treasurer. II. Stuart Girvan, B. L.'
solicitor, 252 West George Street, Glasgow.
This Hospital was founded in 1877 for the medical
and surgical treatment of diseases of women, and for
the advancement of science in the treatment of these
The affairs of the Institution are managed by
fourteen directors (eight of whom are ladies), who
elect a staff of physicians, a ladies' visiting committee,
and a secretary and treasurer, to carry out the work
in detail, all of whose offices are honorary.
The Hospital is maintained by voluntary con-
tributions. Its operations are for the benefit of
respectable females in poor circumstances, who receive
gratuitous advice, treatment, and medical appliances.
There is also accommodation for a few in-door
Patients are admitted daily from 3 till 4 o'clock
Patients are permitted to receive visitors on Satur-
day afternoon from 4 till 6 o'clock.
(Under the Management of the Royal Infirmary)
126 West Regent Street.
Committee of Management — Jas. D. Hedderwick,
David M'Cowan, D'. Wm. G Dun, John E. Nelson,
Thomas Mason. John Glen, Dr. Carmichael, Wm.
Gordon, Wm. Cross, Lady Cliisholm, Mrs. Napier.
James D. Hedderwick. convener.
Surgeon, A. Maitland Ramsay, Esq., M.D.
Every subscriber of £1 Is. annually, and donor of
£5 in one sum towards the maintenance, shall have
the privilege of recommending three patients yearly,
with three additional recommendations for every
additional subscription of £1 Is., or donation of £5.
There are no reserve funds, and the institution de-
pends entirely for its support on voluntary contri-
The number of new patients admitted to the bene-
fits of the Institution last year was 11,095 ; of these
10,019 were treated as out-door patients, while 107(1
were admitted into the house for important operations.
The Institution is open to out-door patients daily,
between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m. Cases of acci-
dent admitted at any hour. Operations performed
on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A course of Lectures
and Clinical Instruction for Medical Students is given
dnring the summer and winter sessions.
Cashier, James Barclay, !35 Buchanan Street, to
whom all contiibutions should be sent.
Founded in 1903 by the late William Quarrier.
Trustees — Chairman, Sir Thos. Glen Coats, Bart. ;
Sir Samuel Cliisholm, Bait ; A. Cameron Corbett,
Esq., M.P. ; hon. treasurer, Joseph P. Maclay, Esq.,
J.P., 21 Bothwell St., Glasgow; secretary, R. Lock-
hart Bryden, 8.L., 102 Bath Street, Glasgow.
This scheme has for its object the remedial treat-
ment in a Farm Colony at Hattrick, near Bridge of
Weir, Renfrewshire, of persons of sound mind who are
suffering from epilepsy or other kindred diseases.
Subscriptions in aid will be gladly received by the
hon. treasurer.
Ladies' Auxiliary Association.
26 Lansdowne Crescent.
Ladies' Committee— Hon. president, The Right
Hon. Lady Blythswood, Blythswood ; president, Lady
Stirling Maxwell, Pollok ; vice-presidents, Lady
M'Onie, Heathbank, Pollokshields; Lady Bilsland,
28 Park Circus; Mrs. Ferguson, Trinidad Villa,
Bellahouhton ; Mrs. Davidson, Ea^twooahill, Giff-
nock; secretary, Miss A. C. Stewart Wright, 26
Lausdowne descent.
President, Andrew Eadie, Inverallan, Pollokshields,
Glasgow ; vice-presidents, Walter Currie, Giffnock;
R. W. Greig, Glasgow ; W. E. Snell, Eoinburgh ; W.
G. Unkles, Islay ; A. A. Ve>el, Glasgow; Rev. Chas.
A. Hall, Paisley; hon. secretary and treasurer, Wm.
J. Begg.
Office— 150 Hope Street, Glasgow.

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