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Orkney, Earl of; b. 1867, s. 1889, m. 1892.
Seat, Glanmore,Templemore. Residence, Wing Lodge,
Leighton Buzzard.
Perth, Earl of; b. 1871, s. 1893. Seat, Strath-
allan Castle, Machany. Residence, Machany House,
Machany, Perthshire.
Playfair, Baron, of St. Andrews; b. 1849, s.
1898, m. first, 1877, and second, 1888. Residence,
Newbattle Abbey, Dalkeith. London Club, Naval
and Military.
Polwarth, Baron of; b. 1838, s. 1867, m. 1863.
Seats, Mertoun House, Berwickshire ; Harden House,
Roxburghshire; Humbie House, Haddingtonshire.
Portland, Duke of; b. 1857, s. 1879, m. 1889.
Seats, Welbeck Abbey, Notts; Langwell, Caithness;
Cessnock Castle, Ayrshire. Residence in London,
3 Grosvenor Square, S.W.
Queensberry, Duke of. See Bucclbuch, &c.
Queensberry, Marquess ; b. 1868, s. 1900, m.
1893. Club, United Empire, 84 Piccadilly.
Reay, Baron; b. 1839, s. 1876, m. 1877. Seats,
Earlston, Berwickshire ; Laidlawsteil, Selkirkshire.
London residence, 6 Great Stanhope Street, W. ;
New Club, Edinburgh, and St. James, London.
Richmond and Gordon, Duke of. See Len-
nox, Duke of.
Robertson, Baron (created 1899); b. 1845, m.
1872. Residences, Muchall's Castle, Stonehaven,
and 7 Seville Street, London, S.W. ; Clubs, Carlton,
London ; New Club, Edinburgh.
Rollo, Baron; b. 1835, s. 1852, m. 1857.
Seats, Duncrub, Perthshire ; Dumcrieff House, Dum-
friesshire. London, Athenaeum Club.
Rosebery, Earl of; b. 1847, s. 1868. m. 1878-
Seats, Dalmeny Park, Linlithgowshire ; Rosebery,
Edinburghshire ; Mentmore, Leighton Buzzard ;
Postwick, Norfolk; The Durdans, Epsom. Resid.
in London, 38 Berkeley Square, W. ; Brooks' Club.
Rosslyn, Earl of; b. 1869, s. 1890, m. 1890.
Residence, 11 Norfolk Street, Park Lane, W. ; Club,
Rothes, Earl of; b. 1877, s. 1893, m. 1900.
Residence, Leslie douse, Leslie, N. B. London Clubs,
Carlton and Jun or Carlton.
Roxburghe, Oukeof; b. 18f6,s. 1892, m. 1903.
Seats, Floors Cattle, Roxburghshire; Broxmoutb
Park, Haddingtonshire.
Ruthven, Baron; K 1838, s. 18fi4, m. 1869.
Seat, Newland, Gorebridge. Clubs, Carlton, London,
and The New, Edinburgh.
Saltoun, Baron; b. 1851, s. 1886, m. 1885.
Seat, Philorth, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. London
Club, Carlton, S.W. Residence in London, 3 Here-
ford Gardens, W.
Skafield, Earl of; b. 1876, s. 1888, m. 1898.
Resid. Oamaru, New Zealand ; Clubs, Caledonian and
Junior Constitutional, London.
Sempill, Baron ; b. 1836, s. 1884, m. first, 1858,
second, 1862, third, 1890. Seats, Fintray House
and Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire. Club, Naval
and Military, London.
SracLAiR, Baron; b. 1831, s. 1880, m. 1870.
Seats, Herdmanston, Haddingtonshire; Nisbet House,
Berwickshire. Residence in London, 55 Onslow
Square, S.W.
Sotjthesk, Earl of; b. 1827, s. 1855, m. first
1849, second, 1860. Seat, Kinnaird Castle, Forfar-
shire. Residence in London, Travellers', Caledonian,
and Carlton Clubs.
Stair, Earl of; b. 1848, s. 1903, m. 1878. Seats,
Lochinch Castle, Wigtown ; Oxenfoord Castle, Edin-
Stanmore, Baron ; b. 1829, m. 1865. Resid.,
Red House, Ascot ; Clubs, Athenaeum and The Bath,
Stormont, Viscount; b. 1860, s. 1898. Seats,
Scone Palace, Perthshire ; Comlongan Castle, Dum-
fries ; Ken Wood, Middlesex.
Strathallan, Viscount. See Perth, Earl of.
Strathcona and Mount Royal, Baron (1897);
b. 1820. Seats, Invercoe, Argyllshire; Knebworth
Park, Herts; and Manitoba. Residence in London,
28 Grosvenor Square, W.
Stratheden and Campbell, Baron ; b. 1829
s. 1893, m. 1865. Seat, Hartrigge House, Roxburgh,
Residence in London, 17 Bruton Street, W.
Strathmore, Earl of; b. 1855, s. 1904, m.
1881. Seats, Glamis Castle, Forfarshire ; Streatlam
Castle, Darlington. Resid. in London, 20 St. James'
Square, S.W.
Sutherland, Earl of; b. 1851, s. 1892, m. 1884.
Seats, Dunrobin Castle and House of Tongue, Suther-
land ; Trentham Hall, Staffordshire ; Lilleshall,
Shropshire. Residence in London, Stafford House,
St. James', S.W.
Thurlow, Baron; b. 1838, s. 1874, m 1864.
Seats, Dunphail, Morayshire ; Kinnaird, Stirling-
shire. Clubs, Travellers', Brooks', and United
Torphichen, Baron; b. 1846, s. 1869, m. 1881.
Seat, Calder House, Midlothian.
Tweeddale, Marquis of; b. 1826, s. 1878, m.
1878. Seat, Yester House, Haddingtonshire. London
resid., 6 Hill St., W. Clubs, Travellers', London;
New, Edinburgh.
Tweedmouth, Baron ; b. 1849, s. 1894, m. 1873.
Seats, Guisachan, Inverness-shire; Hutton Hall,
Berwickshire. Residence in London, Admiralty
House, Whitehall ; Clubs, Travellers' and Brooks'.
Verulam, Earl of. See Forrester, Baron.
Wemyss and March, Earl of; b. 1818, s. 1883,
m. first, 1843, second 1900. Seats, Gosford House,
Seton ; Amisfield, Haddingtonshire ; Elcho Castle,
Perthshire; Barns, Peeblesshire ; Stanway, Glouces-
tershire. London resid., 23 St James' Place, S.W.
Wharncliffe, Earl of; b. 1856, s. 1899, m. 1886.
Seats, Wortley Hall and Simonstone, Yorkshire.
Clubs, Naval and Military, and Carlton, London.
Wimborne, Baron; b. 1835, created 1880, m.
1868. Seats, Canford Manor, Wimborne, Dorset;
Glen Carron Lodge, Ross-shire. London house, 22
Arlington Street, S.W.
Zetland, Marquis of; b 1844, s. 1873, m. 1871.
Seats, Letterewe, Ross-shire ; Aske, Marsk Hall,
Yorkshire. Residence in London, 19 Arlington
Street, S.W.

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