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Public Call Offices m Glasgow /Head Post Office, George Square open always
(stock Exchange, open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. week days.
Communication by Telephone has been established between Glasgow and the more important towns in
the United Kingdom.
The scale of charges for 3 minutes' conversation is as follows : —
For distances not exceeding 25 miles ... ... ... ... ... 3d.
„ exceeding 25 miles and not exceeding 50 miles ... ... 6<L
50 , „ „ 75 „ 9<L
„ n " 5 n i) >. 1°0 ). Is.
For every additional 40 miles or fraction thereof ... ... ... 6d.
Special rates are charged where Submarine or other specially expensive lines are used.
When a Trnnk conversation is betw€en a subscriber to the National Telephone Company's system and
a caller or subscriber of the Municipal Exchanges at Portsmouth and Swansea, the following additional
charges or "terminal fees" have to be paid: —
For each period of
3 minutes.
When the Trunk Wire Charge for 3 minutes' conversation does not exceed Is. 6<L 3d.
When the Trcnk Wire Charge for 3 minutes' conversation exceeds Is. 6d. but
does not exceed 3s. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 4d.
When the Trunk Wire Charge for 3 minutes' conversation exceeds 3s. ... 6d.
The period of conversation for a single fee is limited to three minutes, but any person may secure the
uninterrupted me of a Trunk line for six minutes by prepaying a double fee, up to 7 p.m. The charge
for a six minutes' conversation between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. is the same as for a conversation of three
minutes' duration in the day time. During the same period, for a three minutes' conversation, for which the
day charge is 9<L, a reduced fee of 6d. is charged, and half the usual day charge is made where the ordinary
fee is Is., or more.
Mails to and from the Isle of Man are conveyed by Steamers between Liverpool and Douglas daily
(Sundays excepted).
Alderney is served from Guernsey every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from May to September; and
every Tuesday and Saturday from October to April ; and return Mails are received at Guernsey on Wednesday,
Thursday, and Sunday (or Monday) from May to September, and Wednesday and Sunday (or Monday)
from October to April Alderney receives a mail from England via Cherbourg every Wednesday, and
despatches a return mail to England every Tuesday throughout the year. Sark is also served from
Guernsey. There is a service to and from Sark every weekday from 1st July to 30th September; on
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday during April, May, June, and October ; and on Wednesday
and Saturday during the remaining months of the vear.
Stilly Islands : Mails are conveyed by steamer to and from Penzance. From November to March the
minimum service is twice a wtek, and from April to October three times a week in each direction. The
days of sailing vary. Extra steamers run at various times.
The Orkney Islands Mails are conveyed daily (Sunday excepted) from Scrabster, Thurso, at 4.5 p.m. The
steamer returns from Stromness at 9.10 a.m., and Kirkwall (Scapa) at 10.40 a.m.
The Shetland Mails are conveyed in summer (1st May to 30th September) from Aberdeen every Monday,
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 11 a.m., also on Monday at 4 p.m., and at 10 p.m. on alternate
weeks, returning from Lerwick to Aberdeen every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at
8 p.m. In winter (1st October to 30th April) the Mails "are conveyed from Aberdeen on Mondays at 4 p.m,
and 10 p.m on alternate weeks, on Thursdays at 11 a.m. and on Fridays at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. on alternate
weeks, returning from Lerwick on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 8 pjn.
Island of Lewis Mails are conveyed daily (except Saturday) from Storaoway to the main land at
11 p.m. (October to June), 10.20 p.m. (July to September), and from Kyle to the Iiland on weekdays
at 2.15 p.m. (October to June), 1.25 p.m. (July to September).
For fall information in regard to Postal and Telegraph matters, the Post Office
Guide should be consulted.

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