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Jackets from Brindisi with mails for Egypt,
ndia, Australia, China, &c. Such letters
may be posted in any part of the United
Kingdom up to the time at which ordinary
registered letters to go by the same packets are
received, but they must be registered, the
postage and registration fee must be fully
prepaid, and they must be addressed to the
care of the Commander of the packet.
2. The letters should be addressed thus :
" Mr. , on board the mail packet
, for , at Southampton,
Queenstown, Londonderry, Lisbon, or Brindisi,
care of the Commander of the packet."
Letters, &c, by Private Ships.
Letters intended to be sent by Private Ship
must be addressed " By Private Ship ; " and
if by a particular vessel, the name of the ship
must be added.
The Postage and conditions of transmission
of letters, &c, by a Private Ship are the same
as by Mail Packet.
Foreign Parcel Post.
For particulars of this service see Post Office
Guide, which may be inspected at any Post
1. The principle of free re-direction, which
is adopted throughout the Postal Union for
letters, post cards, commercial papers, printed
papers, and sample packets, does not exempt
from additional postage letters, &c, which,
though fully prepaid for the first transmission,
are re-directed to a country to which the
postage is higher than that originally prepaid.
Thus a letter or packet prepaid at the inland
rate, sent from one place to another in the
United Kingdom, and afterwards re-directed
to a place abroad, should have additional
stamps affixed to it representing the difference
between the inland and the foreign rate of
postage, otherwise the difference will be charged
on delivery. The same treatment would be
adopted with a letter or packet fully prepaid
for the inland service of a foreign Country or
Colony and re-directed to the United Kingdom.
But a fully paid letter or packet coming here
from abroad, and re-directed under the con-
ditions specified in paragraph 2, would not be
chargeable for re-direction unless the postage
from the place of origin to the final destination
were higher than the postage from the place
of origin to this Country. Letters originally
posted unpaid, and letters or packets posted
insufficiently paid, and subsequently re-
directed, though not chargeable for re-direction,
are subject to the ordinary charge of double
the deficient postage on delivery.
2. Letters, &c, re-directed after delivery
at the first address must be reposted not later
than the day (Sundays and public holidays not
being counted) after delivery.
At every Money Order Office Money Order
can be obtained between the hours of 8 a.m
and 8 p.m. The commission for these Order,
For sums not exceeding £1 -
above £1 and not exceeding £3
„ £3 „ „ £10
» £10 „ „ £20
» £20 „ „ £30
„ £30 „ „ £40
No single Inland Money Order can be issue;
for more than £40.
Forms of application for Money Orders an
supplied gratuitously at every Money Orde
A Money Order may be crossed like a chequ<
for payment through a Bank.
Payment of an Order may be deferred fo:
any period not exceeding ten days after date
The remitter should fill up and sign the reques
to this effect at the foot of the Order anc
inform the Postmaster at the time of issue.
Foreign and Colonial.
Money can be sent by means of Foreign o:
Colonial Money Orders to almost all ou:
Colonies and Protectorates and to manj
Foreign Countries.
The commission for these Orders is : —
For sums not exceeding —
£1 £2 £4 £6 £8 £10
3d. 6d. 9d. Is. Is. 3d. Is. 6d.
And for ' Countries on which Orders may bi
issued for more than £10, 3d. for every addi
tional £2 or portion of £2.
Offices to which the System Extends. — Monej
may be transmitted by Telegraph Money Order
from any Money Order Office in the Unitec
Kingdom which is also a despatching Office
for telegrams, and may be made payable al
any Money Order Office which is also an Office
for the delivery of telegrams. At those Offices
which forward but do not deliver telegram;
Telegraph Money Orders can be issued, bul
cannot be paid.
Telegraph Money Orders are now exchangee
with Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Faroe Islands
France and Algeria, Germany, Holland, Hun
gary, Italy, Luxemburg (Grand Duchy)
Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Roumania
Sweden, and Switzerland.
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