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Falkland Islands, Fanning Islands, Fiji,
Gambia, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Hong
Kong, India, Jamaica, Jobore, Labuan
Lagos, Leeward Islands (viz.: — Antigua,
St. Kitts, Nevis, Dominica, Montserrat,
Tortola, and tbe Virgin Islands ; Malay
States (protected) (viz: Perak, Selangor,
Negri-Sembilan, and Pabang) ; Malta,
Mauritius, Natal (including Zululand),
Newfoundland, New Zealand (including
Cook Islands, viz. : — Hervey, Palmerston
(Avarua), Savage (Niue), Pukapuka
(Danger), Rakaanga, Suwarrow, Manabiki,
and Penrbyn (Tongareva Islands), Nigeria
(Nortbern), Nigeria -(Southern), Norfolk
Islands, Nyasaland Protectorate (late
Britisb Central Africa), Orange River
Colony, Rbodesia, St. Helena, Sarawak,
Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somaliland
Protectorate, Straits Settlements, Tobago,
Transvaal, Trinidad, Tristan d'Acunha,
Turks' and Caicos Islands, Uganda,
Windward Islands (viz.: — Grenada, St.
Lucia, St. Vincent, and tbe Grenadines),
Zanzibar. — Id. per ounce.
To all other places abroad — 2£d. for the first
ounce, and l|d. for each succeeding ounce.
Post Cards (Single) : — Id.
(Reply) :— 2d.
Printed Papers (Newspapers, Books, &c):
— £d. per 2 ounces.
Canadian Magazine Post. — Duly registered
British Newspapers, Magazines, and Trade
Journals intended for despatch to Canada
by direct Canadian Packet may be sent under
certain conditions at a reduced postage rate of
Id. per pound. For packets not exceeding
2 ounces in weight the postage is still -|d. ;
but in the case of packets exceeding J. lb. in
â– weight any portion of a pound is reckoned as
a full pound.
Special attention is drawn to the fact that
this reduced rate of Id. per pound does not
apply to packets sent by way of New York.
Commercial Papers : — Jd. per 2 ounces,
with minimum charge of 2£d.
Samples : — £d. per 2 ounces, with minimum
charge of Id.
Registration Feb : — 2d.
Foreign and Colonial.
\. 1. Letters posted unpaid, or insufficiently
prepaid, for any country to which prepayment
is compulsory, are returned to the writers.
2. Letters to or from places abroad, posted
unpaid, are charged double rate ; and partially
prepaid, double the deficiency.
3. No letter for a Colony or Foreign Country
inay exceed 2 feet in length or 1 foot in width
or depth.
4. The addresses of letters for Russia should
be very plainly written ; the name of tbe town,
and of the province in which it is situated,
should also be added in English, French, or
5. To a few countries exceptional conditions
apply, such as compulsory prepayment of
postage, the collection of an additional charge
on debvery, or the absence of arrangements
for the complete or even partial registration
of letters.
Post Cards.
6. Official Post Cards, single and reply, are
transmissible to all parts of the world. Single
Cards are issued with impressed stamps of id.,
and Reply Cards with impressed stamps of the
value of Id. on each half.
Inland Post Cards are also transmissible
abroad if tbe additional postage required is
suppbed by means of postage stamps affixed
to the cards.
7. Private Post Cards, bearing adhesive
stamps of the value of one penny, and private
reply cards with adhesive stamps of the value
of one penny on each half, may be sent as post
cards to places abroad, provided that they are
in conformity with the official post cards.
They must be of the same size and substance
as the offical cards, and must have the words
" Post Card " printed or written on the address
The use of the Sample Post to and from
Foreign Countries and the Colonies is intended
to be restricted to (a) bona fide trade samples
of merchandise without saleable value, and
(b) natural history specimens, dried or pre-
served animals and plants, geological specimens
and scientific specimens generally, when sent
for non -commercial purpose. Packets con-
taining goods lor sale, or consigned in execution
of an order (however small the quantity), or
articles sent by one private individual to
another, which are not actually trade samples
or scientific specimens cannot be forwarded
by Sample Post.
The bmit of weight for samples for Britisb
Colonies or Possesssions, or for non Union
countries, is 5 lb., but for foreign countries in
the Postal Union the limit is 12 ounces.
A packet of samples sent to any British
Colony or Possession or non-Union country
must not exceed 2 feet in length by 1 foot in
width or depth, but to any foreign place
comprised in the Postal Union a packet must
not exceed 12 inches in length, 8 in width, or
4 in depth, unless it be in tbe form of a roll,
in which case the limit of size is 12 inches in
length and 6 inches in diameter.
Letters for Passengers on board Mail Packets.
1. Special arrangements are made for the
delivery of letters addressed to passengers on
board the Union-Castle Company's packets
for the Cape, &c, sailing from Southampton,
the packets for United States caUing at
Queenstown, the packets for Canada calling
at Londonderry, the Pacific Steam Navigation
Company's packets for Brazil, &c, calling at
Lisbon, and the Peninsular and Oriental

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