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easily removed for the purpose of examination.
(&) A newspaper must be so folded as to
admit of the title being readily seen.
(c) A newspaper may not contain any
enclosure (except supplements).
(d) A newspaper and the cover of a news-
paper may not bear anything except the
names, addresses, and descriptions of the
Sender and the addressee, with index or
reference numbers and letters, the words
" with compliments," a request for return in
case of non-delivery, the title of the newspaper,
and a reference to its registration for trans-
mission by post, and a reference to any page
of, or place in, the newspaper to which the
attention of the addressee is directed.
For any infringement of these regulations
newspapers are liable to be surcharged.
Halfpenny Packets, f
For a weight not exceeding 2 oz. £d.
A halfpenny packet posted unpaid is charged
on delivery with double postage.
No halfpenny packet may exceed 2 feet in
length or 1 foot in width or depth.
Post Cards. — Official and Private.
1. Official Post Cards impressed with a
halfpenny stamp, and official Reply Post Cards
impressed with a halfpenny stamp on each
portion of them, can be bought at every Post
2. Nothing whatever may be attached,
except adhesive stamps in payment of addi-
tional postage or stamp duty, and a gummed
label (not to exceed 2 inches long and § inch
wide) bearing the address at which the card
is to be delivered ; the card may not be folded,
nor may it be cut or altered in such a way as
to reduce the size below 3| by 2\ inches.
Stamps in payment of postage must be affixed
to the face of the card (i.e., to the side which
bears the address). If any of these rules be
infringed, the card is treated as a letter liable
on delivery to the usual charges.
3. Private Cards prepaid ^d. each and
Private Reply Cards with a halfpenny stamp
on each half can also be used as Post Cards.
They must be composed of ordinary cardboard,
not thicker than the material used for the
Official Post Card. They may not exceed f>\
by 3 1 inches in size, or be less than 3 \ by 2\
inches. Neither half of a Private Reply Card
may exceed the maximum or be less than the
minimum size above stated. The rules in the
preceding paragraph also apply to Private Post
Cards. A Private Post Card posted unpaid is
chargeable on delivery with double postage.
4. It will be seen from the foregoing rules
that there is no legal way of sending a written
letter through the post for a postage of a half-
penny, except by means of a Post Card. A
certain number of persona seem to imagine
that if envelopes are left unfastened letters
t The special conditions under which circulars, in-
voices, deeds, &c, may be sent as halfpenny packets
are given in the Post Office Guide, which may be
inspected at any Post Office.
may be enclosed in them and sent for a postag
of a halfpenny only. It is desirable, therefore
to point out that the minimum postage upo
all written letters (which are not written o
Post Cards) is one penny, whether they b
opon or closed, and that letters posted contrar
to this rule are liable to an additional charg
of double the deficient postage on delivery.
Chief Regulations.
1. In order that a packet may go by Para
Post, it must be presented at the counter of
Post Office for transmission as a parcel.
must on no account be deposited in a letter bo:
Parcels may, however, be accepted by Rur*
Postmen. The words " Parcel Post " shouli
be written or printed on the left-hand sidi;
immediately above the address
N.B. — The sender's name and address shoul
appear on the cover, or within the parcel.
2. Any packet or parcel marked " Pare
Post," and posted contrary to this regulatioi
will, unless admissible and fully prepaid i
the letter rate, be charged on delivery wii
a fine of Id. in addition to any deficient posta§
at the parcel rate.
3. The rates of postage are : —
For a parcel —
For a weight not exceeding 1 lb
Exceeding 1 lb. but not 2 lb.
2 1b.
3 1b.
3 1b.
5 1b.
7 1b.
8 1b.
9 1b.
9 1b.
10 lb.
No parcel can be sent exceeding 11 lb.
4. The dimensions allowed for an Inlar
Postal Parcel are : —
Greatest length - - - 3 ft. 6 i
Greatest length and girth combined 6 ft. i:
5. The full postage must be prepaid by meai
of postage stamps, which must bt affixed If
the sender.
6. A certificate of the posting of a pare-,
can be obtained at the time at any Post Officii
This certificate must be filled up by the send*
and handed to an Officer of the Post Officjif
who will 3ign and return it to him.
Parcels addressed to a Post Office to be called /(!;'
7. Parcels may be addressed to and obtain<$
at Post Offices under the same regulation*
generally, as letters. •
8. Parcels addressed to a Post Office to ! a
called for are kept (unless containing perishat
articles) for three weeks. After they ha
remained in the office one clear day, they at
liable a to £a charge of Id. a day, cahYj.
" demurrage." This charge is not made j
respect of Sundays, holidays, &c, nor is 1

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