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1 908.
Postmaster and Surveyor, WALTER WEBBER.
Assistant Postmaster ROBERT REID.
Chief Superintendent — M. D. Beaton.
Superintendents — I. Paterson, W. H. Henderson, D.
' Macintyre, A. B. Henderson, J. H. Higgins, T.
' L. Stevenson.
Assist.-Supts. — First-class, A. Oallender. J. Aitken,
| T. W. Harper, J. W. Innes, K. M'Gregor, W.
Campbell, J. Kelly L. B. Johnston, R M'Cance,
i J. Dickson, W. H. Edgecon.be.
Assist.-Supts. — Second-class, D. F. Buchanan, R.
Maclellan, A. Cameron, D. R. Watt, A. G. Stewart,
J. Shaw, A. Beatson, J. Macpherson, W. D.
Read, W. Stark, J. G. Rodger, J. P. Henderson,
J Allan, J. R. Bannerman, W. Bowness, A.
Bardgett, W. A. Stewart.
Overseers — 64.
Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists employed in Postal
Branch, 459.
Returned Letter Branch— 1 Overseer in Charge,
1 Male Sorting Clerk, 6 Female Sorting Clerks
and Telegraphists, and 1 Boy Messenger.
Chief Inspectoi — J. Robertson.
Inspectors — R. Barton, J. Hamilton, A. Marshall.
Assistant Inspectors — H. Barton, D. S. M'Killop,
J. Wilson, W. Montgomery, J. J. Miller, N.
Mackay, J. Clark, H. Shearer, J. A. M'Cracken,
W. Barnett, H. Grace, W. M'Donald, A. Henshil-
wood, P. Weir, W. Baillie, J. M'L. Nicoll, A.
Forrest, A. Gilchrist.
Postmen — 962.
Assistant Postmen — 93.
Labourers, 8 ; Housekeeper. 1 ; Female Servants, 22 ;
Watchmen, 9 ; and Mechanics, 3.
Supervisoi — Miss MacDonald.
Assistant Supervisors — 6.
Telephone Operators, 90. One Call-Office attendant
and one Call-Boy.
General Manager — J. Macfee.
Assist. General Manager — J. A. M'Callum.
Principal Clerk — R. M'Larty.
Traffic Superintendent — P. Baker
Assistant Supervisors — 2. Telephonists, 254.
Chief Superintendent — A. Kettles.
Superintendents — W. Payne, J. Webster, D.
Assist.-Supts. — First class,H Tohnsrone, W Douglas,
R Robinson, W. G Collins, P. Ward, M.
Cameron, J. Atkinson.
Assist.-Supts. — Second-class, W. Fetherston, W.
Fleming, D. P. Low, E. Stocks. A. Campsie, D.
Cameron, J. Cameron, W. Armour, W. Taylor,
J. Hannah. J. Watt, W Fulton. J. R. Douglas,
W. Houstoun, R. Fe'herston, J. MLeod, A. J.
M'Lardy, W. L. M'Donald, J. M'Lschlan.
Overseers — 40.
Supervisors of Female Clerks — Miss Buchanan,
Miss M. Reid.
Assist. Supervisors — 23.
Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists employed in Teh'
graph Branch (Male). 271 ; (Female), 246.
One Inspector of Boy Messengers, eleven Assistant
Inspectors (classed as Town Postmen), and Four
Senior Messengers.
Night Messengers, 35; House Messengers, 74; Docket
Messengers, 383; Learners, 20 male and 12
(Western District of Scotland).
Superintending Engineer, D. Stewart.
Assistant Superintending Engineer, W. M'Nair.
Engineers, First-class, J. Cowans, G. H. Comport.
Engineers, Second-class, C. L. Leleux, P. C.
Bytheway, F. E. W. Cowie, A. Mackintosh, J.
Cameron, T. Hetherington, A. S. Angwin, J.
Lockhart, G. Fleming, J. Richardson.
Su b -Engineers — 7 .
Chief Clerk, A. Goodman; Senior Clerks, G. A.
Elener, W. Ritchie, G. W. J. Crawford, 17 Junior
Clerks, 6 Boy Clerks, 5 Mechanics, 2 Foremen, 60
Linemen, 1 Storekeeper, 3 Storesmen, 1 Shift
Officer, 15 Circuitmen (Electric Lighting), and
D. Watson, M.B., CM., Central District,
R O Adamson, M.D., Western District,
J. Patrick, M.B., CM, Eastern District,
W. Lawson, M.D., Southern District,
J. M Kie, M.B., CM, Northern Dirtrict,
R. YuiWi Anderson, M.B., CM., Goran District,
116 Mains Street, Blythswood Squf.re.
15 Grosvenor Crescent, Kelvinside.
23 Westercraigs, Dennistoun.
36 Glencairn Drire, Pollokshielis.
24 Hillside Terrace, Springburn.
Redclifle, 3 Beech Avenue, Ibrox.

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