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Campbell & Co., 74 York street, Tel./Add. " Bleach, Glasgow."
Campbell & Henry, 19 and 21 Low Green st., St. Andrew's sq. Tel./Add. Argyle, Glasgow."
Campbell, Jas., 100 Stockwell street. Tel./Add. "Favourite, Glasgow.
Campbell, James M., 180 Hope street. Tel./Add. " Vici, Glasgow.
Campbell, Malcolm, Ltd., 18 Gordon street. Tel./Add. "Bouquets^ Glasgow
Campbell Paul & Sons, Ltd., Silvergrove Works, Silvergrove st Tel./Add Plush, Glasgow
Campbell, Wm, Coal Merchant and Shipping Agent, Port-Glasgow. Tel./Add. Campbell,
Port-Glasgow." , " ., _ , „, „
Canadian Pacific Railway Co., 67 St. Vincent street. Tel./Add < Travel Glasgow.
Cannington, Shaw & Co., Ltd., 14 West Campbell street. Tel./Add. Sherdley, Glasgow.
Gargills, Ltd., 175 West George street. Tel./Add. " Cargills, Glasgov^
Carlaw, David & Sons, 11 Finnieston street. Tel./Add. " Automation Glasgow
Carrick, Kellock & Barclay, 26 Renfield street. Tel./Add. " Ganges, Glasgow.
Carriden Coal Co., 21 Bothwell street. Tel./Add. " Camden Glasgow.
Carroll Bros. & Co., 96 King street, Tradeston. Tel./Add. " Eggs, Glasgow.
Carron Company, 125 Buchanan street. Tel./Add. " Caronade, Glasgow.' m
Carruthers, J. H., & Co., Ltd., Hamilton street, Polmadie. Tel./Add. Hoisting, Glasgow.
Carruthers, Son & Co., 70-78 King street, Tradeston. Tel./Add. " Carruthers, Glasgow.
Carstairs, Hunter & Campbell, 165 St. Vincent street. Tel./Add. " Carstairs, Glasgow.
Carswell, Murray & Lauder, C.A., 69 St. Vincent street. Tel./Add. "Legible, Glasgow.
Carswell & Wylie, 82 West Nile street. Tel./Add. " Conveyance, Glasgow."
Cartvale (The) Chemical Co., Ltd., Paisley. Tel./Add. " Gartvale, Paisley."
Carty, J. L., & Co., 219 St. Vincent street. Tel./Add. "Tubular, Glasgow."
Carver Looms, The, Ltd., 9 Springfield road, Dalmarnock. Tel./Add. "Carver, Glasgow "
Cassel (The) Cyanide Co., Ltd., 19 St. Vincent place. Tel./Add. "Gold, Glasgow."
Caseels, A. B., & Co., 85-87 Ingram street. Tel./Add. "Leanest, Glasgow."
Castle Brewery, Maryhill (G. & J. Maclachlan, Ltd.), 57 West Regent street. Tel./Add.
" Maclachlan, Glasgow."
Caulfield & Co., Wholesale China and Glass Merchants, 16 Adam's Court lane. Tel./Add.
" Caul fields, Glasgow."
Central Insurance Co., Ltd., 46 Gordon street. Tel./Add. " Centremost, Glasgow."
Central Nursing Home (Private), 1 Blythswood square. Tel./Add. "Trained, Glasgow."
Cera Light Co., Ltd., 56 Oswald street. Tel./Add. " Ceralico, Glasgow."
Chalmers, George, 121 West George street. Tel./Add. " Chalet, Glasgow."
Chambers, Scott & Co., Cranes, Winches, Machine Tools, Electric Coal Cutters, Motherwell.
Tel./Add. " Energy, Motherwell."
Chaplin, Alex., & Co., Helen street, Govan. Tel./Add. " Chaplin, Glasgow."
Charters, J., 261 West George street. Tel./Add. "Kilowatt, Glasgow."
China Inland Mission (George Graham Brown), 121 Bath street. Tel./Add. " Lammermuir,
Chubb & Sons, Lock and Safe Co., Ltd., 126 Buchanan street. Tel./Add. " Chubb, Glasgow."
Church & Greig, 104 West George street. Tel./Add. "Church, Glasgow."
Churchill, Charles, & Co., Ltd., 9-11 Wellington street. Tel./Add. " Opodeldoc, Glasgow."
City Glass Co., 23 Charing Cross Mansions. Tel./Add. " Reflection, Glasgow."
Claveri-ng, Thos., Son & Co., 41 St. Vincent place. Tel./Add. " Glavering, Glasgow."
Cleghorn Terra Cotta Co., Ltd., 45 Hope street. Tel./Add. "Pressed, Glasgow."
Clement, Andrew, & Sons, Ltd., 75 Albion street. Tel./Add. " Clementine, Glasgow."
Clyde Bonding Co., 3 Cadogan street. Tel./Add. "Bonding, Glasgow."
Clyde Cooperage Co., Ltd. (The), Eastvale place, Kelvinhaugh street. Tel./Add. "Barrels,
Clyde Paper Co., Ltd., Clyde Paper Mills, Eastfield, Rutherglen. Tel./Add. "Clyde,
Clyde, The, Salvage Co., Ltd., 4 Howard street. Tel./Add. "Salvage, Glasgow."
Clyde Shipping Co., Ltd., 21 Carlton place. Tel./Add. " Cumbrae, Glasgow."
Clyde (The) Stores Co., Ltd., 7 York street. Tel./Add. "Zynkara, Glasgow."
Clydevale (The) Oil and Colour Co., 4 Howard street, Bridgeton. Tel./Add. "Clydevale,
Cochran, A. & R, St. Rollox Flint Glass Works, 51 Tennant street, St. Rollox. Tel./Add.
"Ruby, Glasgow."
Cochran, J. J., & Co., 46 Commercial road, and 270 Govan st. Tel./Add. "Fancies, Glasgow."
Cochrane, J. R, & Co., Albyn Mills, 47-73 Waddell street. Tel./Add. " Spots, Glasgow."
Cochran, Robert, & Co., North Woodside Mill, Garriochmill road, and Verreville Pottery,
149 Finnieston street. Tel./Add. "Verreville, Glasgow."
Cockburn & Co., Ltd., 56 St. Enoch square. Tel./Add. " Tincture, Glasgow."
Oolledge & Guy, 120 West Regent street. Tel./Add. " Forensic, Glasgow."
Collins, Wm., Sons, & Co., Ltd., 144 Cathedral street. Tel./Add. " Collins, Glasgow."
Connal & Bannatyne, 341 Argyle street. Tel./Add. " Madeira, Glasgow."
Connal & Co., Ltd., 34 West George street. Tel./Add. " Vasco, Glasgow."
Cooke, A. M., & Co., Ltd., 14 West Nile street. Tel./Add. "Ravens, Glasgow."
Cooper & Co., 8 to 38 Howard street. Tel./Add. "Cooperage, Glasgow."
Copland, W. R., & Sons, 146 West Regent street. Tel./Add. "Copland, Glasgow."
Copland & Lye, 165 to 167 Sauchiehall street. Tel./Add. " Lye, Glasgow."
Cormack, D. G., 181 Howard street. Tel./Add. "Amity, Glasgow."
Cormack, Jas., & Sons, Ltd., 36 Abercorn street. Tel./Add. " Cormacks, Glasgow."
Corporation Electricity Department, 75 Waterloo street. Tel./Add. "Ampere, Glasgow."
Corrugated (The) Metallic Valve Co., 7 York street. Tel./Add. " Zynkara, Glasgow."
Cottage Nurses' Training Home, South avenue, Govan. Tel./Add. " Matron, Glasgow."
Cotton Powder Co., Ltd., London. Sole Agents for Scotland — Stephenson, Brown & Co., 101
Waterloo Btreet. Tel./Add. " Stephanos, Glasgow."

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