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PULLAN Pullan, T. H., & Sons, 42 Clyde place, Tradeston.
PULLEY Diok-Cleland, Harper & Co., 49 Jamaica street.
PUNCTUAL Robertson, R., & Sons, 15, 17 Clyde place.
PURITAS Sawers Ltd., Rutherford lane, head of Renfield street.
PURVEYORS Ferguson & Forrester, Ltd., 36 Buchanan st., and 15, 17 Princes square,
QUEENSBERY Macfarlane, M. & J., 151 North street.
QUICK Todd, Gourley & Ruthven, 75 St. George's place.
QUORUM Mackenzie, Roberton & Co., 176 St. Vincent street.
RADIANT Hair, Ivie, & Co., S89 Dobbie's loan.
RAFFIA Henderson, Francis, Ltd., 79 Candlenggs
RAILROAD Great Eastern Railway Company, 162 Buchanan street
RAMAGE Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan street. .
RANKINE Rankine, James, & Son, 45 West Nile street.
RAPIDITY M'Creath, Taylor & Co., 170 Hope street.
RAVENS Cooke, A. M., & Co., Ltd., 14 West Nile street.
READINESS Hannan, Alex., Midland Railway Co., 48 West George street, and 156
Buchanan street.
READY Sellars, Greenhill & Ferguson, 28 Cochrane street.
REAMER..., Dron & Lawson, Ltd., Cranstonhill Tool Works, 59 Elliot street.
REDRESS Robb, G. H., & Christie, 141 St. Vincent street.
REFLECTION City Glass Co., 23 Charing Cross Mansions.
REGION Reid & Johnstone, 28 Wilson street.
REGISTER Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping, 342 Argyle street.
REHTAM Mather, John, & Son, 147 Queen street.
REINDEER Wotherspoon, James, & Sons, 221 Wallace street.
RELIANCE Aitken, James, & Sons, 25a Hope street.
REMEDIAL Rose, Joseph, 45 Hope street.
RENEWAL Newall, R. S., & Son, Ltd., 19 Exchange square.
RENOVATOR Scottish, The, Vacuum Cleaner Co., Ltd., Ill Bothwell street.
REPORTING Ewing, J. Ernest, 95 Bath street.
RESTORER Storer, James, & Co., Ltd., Barrowfield Works, 201 Reid st., Bridgeton.
RETARDER Pollock, John, & Co., 76 Lanoefield street.
REVENUE Guild, J. Wyllie & Scott, 116 Hope street.
REVISE Donald & Binnie, 183 West George street.
RICH Richmond, John, & Co., 56 West Regent street.
RICHMOND Richmond, David, & Co., Ltd., North British Tube Works, Govan.
RIGHTS Macdonald, Smith & Co., 100 West Regent street.
RISK Risk, M., & Sons, Ltd., 58 Dtmdas street.
RITE Wright, Wm, & Co., 7 York street.
RrVERSIDE Gxeenlees, R., & Co., 42 Great Clyde street.
RIVETS The Rivet, Bolt, and Nut Co., Ltd., 74 York street.
ROBERTSON ..Robertson, Wm., 45 West Nile street.
ROBINSONS Robinson, Dunn & Co., Partick Saw Mills.
ROBLEY Robley & Co., 80, 82 York street.
ROEBUCK Buck & Hickman, Ltd., 27 Cadogan street.
ROGANO Rogano Spanish Wine Cellars (Jas. H. Roger, Proprietor), 11 Exchange
ROOFING Glasgow (The) Steel Roofing Co., Ltd., North Western Works,
ROOFING, Motherwell. ..The Dalziel Bridge and Roof Building Co., Ltd., Motherwell.
ROPERY, Rutherglen... Allan, Whyte & Co., Clyde Patent Wire Rope Works, Rutherglen.
ROSBORNE Osborne, Robert, & Sons, 53 College street.
ROSE Craig & Rose, Ltd., 85-89 Cadogan street.
ROSEBANK Nimmo, John, & Son, Ltd., 163 Hope street.
ROSEBURN M'NeilL John, 41 Hope street.
ROTHSCHILD Rothschild, C. G., & Co., 72 Waterloo street.
ROUGH Rough, Walter G., & Co., 24 George square.
ROUNSFELL Brown, Walter Rounsfell, B.L., 227 West George street.
ROXBURGHS Roxburgh, J. & A., 14 St. Vincent place.
RUBBERITE Ingram, J. G., & Son, 74 York street.
RUBRIC Stevenson & Brownlie, 147 St. Vincent street.
RUBY Cochran, A. & R., St. Rollox Flint Glass Works, 51 Tennanfc st., St.
RUHE Gemmill, Wm. N., & Co., 142 Queen street.
RUNIC Macdonald, Alex., & Co., Ltd.. 385 Byres road.
RUMFORD Miller, George & Co., 188 St. Vincent street.
RUMPFF Bryce & Rumpff, 223 West George street.
RUPEES Galbraith, Jas., & Son, 13 St. Vincent place.
RUSHBROOKE Rushbrooke, G., 153 Queen street.
SACARBOLAT Young, Robert, & Co., 38 Elliot street.
SACHS Sachs, 0. F., & Co., Ltd., 25 Stockwell place.
SACKING Burns, Wm., 19 Great Wellington street.
SADDLERY Leckie, Graham & Co., 89 Renfield street, and 56 Bath street.
SAFETY Stewart, A. M'P., & Co., 48 Oswald street.
SAILCLOTH Webster, Francis, & Sons, 49 Paisley road

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