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Boyes, Dr. Jane, 63 Main st
Bradley, P., boot and shoe maker,
22 Glasgow road
Braid, P. A., 56 Dryburgh avenue
Braid, Mrs., 54 Dryburgh ave
Brash, James, 5 Stonelaw drive
Bridget!, R. C , 105 Dryburgh ave
Brisbane, Miss, 28 Stonelaw st
British Legal Assurance Office, 1
Menzies street
Britton, Joseph, painter, 32£
Main street
Brodie, D. M., 18 Wardlaw avenue
Brodie, Mrs., The Croft. Stouelaw
Bropan, D , Temple villa
Brown, Andrew, 37 Rossljn ave
Brown, A. A. Luzern, Bucha ian dr.
Brown, Archd., 44 Rosslyn ave
Brown, George, 62 Rosslyn ave
Brown, Jas. Daleville, Dryburgh av
Brown, Jas , butcher, 155 Farme-
loan road
Brown, Jas., 8 Watson ave
Brown, Jas., bootmaker, 14 Ham-
ilton road
Brown, John, hardwares, &c, 37
Stonelaw road
Brown, J. N. Daisybank, Braeside
Brown, Robert C, Ferniherst,
1a Abbotsford avenue
Brown, Robert H., 20 Watson ave
Brown, Robt., Inverdene, Mitchell
Brown, Thos., 194 Mill street
Brown, Thos., 60 Rosslyn ave
Blown, William, & Sons, ware-
housemen, 1 and 3 King st
Brown, Wm. shoemaker, 1 2 Cath-
cart street
Brown, Wm. (of Wm. Brown &
Sons), 41 Cathcart st
Brown, Wm. G., clerk, Shawfield
Works; ho. 77 Ewing st
Brown, Wm. L., 93 Rosslyn ave
Brown, El, dairy, 32 Greenhill rd
Brownlie, Mrs. Nuthill, Stonelaw
Bryce, John, 45 Queen st
Bryce, John, Avoncraig, Clincart-
Bryce, Win., 55 Wardlaw ave
Bryson Bios, painters and deco-
rators, 3 Stonelaw street
Bryson, Jas., Ardvohr, Mitchell dr
Bryson, Robert, Ellesmere, Victoria
rd., High Crossbill
Buchanan, Jas. grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 16 Main st
Buchanan, Jas. dairy, 225 King
Buchanan, Dr. John M., 198 Main
st. ; res. Wardlaw house
Buchanan, Walter, 4 Millrig rd
Buik, Leonidas B., 189 Main st
Bunten, Mrs., Warrenheip, 226
Mill st
Burn, James R., Ivylea, Dryburgh
Burns, John, boot and shoe
maker, 104 Main street
Burns, Dr. W. A., Belmont, Rodger
Burnside, R. A. spirit merchant,
52 and 54 Stonelaw st
Burnside, S. M. spirit merchant,
110 Main st
Burton, Jas. manufacturer, Burn-
side factory ; res. Balfron
Buttercup Dairy Co., 215 Maiu st
Bythewav, P. ft, 170 Stonelaw rd
Calder, Thos., 12 Cathkin ave
Caledonian Pottery Co., Ltd.
potters, Caledonian Pottery
Cameron, John, 8 Wardlaw drive
Cameron, Wm. 19 Dunard rd
Campbell, G. W., Anvers, Calder-
wood road
Campbell, Jas. K. , 1 8 Melrose av
Campbell, Jas., briekbuildtr and
contractor, 4 Farie st
Campbell, John, M.R.C.V.S,, 7
Chapel st., ho. Park villa
Campbell, Mrs. D., 66 Main st
Campbell, Miss, hardwares, 22
Hamilton rd
Carinichael, D., Ardmay, Albany
Carr & Co., boot and shoe ware-
house, 195 Main st
Carroll, Chas., spirit merchant, 72
Main st ; ho. 48 Dry burgh ave
Carruthers, William, Olinda, High
Carson, Robt. cycle maker and
brassfounder, 42 Queen street
Cartwright, Jas., 69 Rosslyn ave
Cartwright, John T., Gartfern,
Mitchell drive
Catchpole, Geo. C, 3 Castlemilk
Cathkin Laundry (Giffen & Bissett,
Ltd.), Cathcart road
Ceaser, J. C, 7 Abbotsford ave
Chalmers, Wm. C, Glenmay, Jed-
burgh avenue
Chanter, L. W., 48 Clincarthill rd
Chaplin, Mrs., 2 Johnston drive
Chapman, Jas., 86 Dryburgh ave
Cherry, J., 14 Wats n ave
Child, John H., Linden, Stonelaw
Chrystal, Wm. J. chemical manufr.
Shawfield Chemical Works; res.
Auchendennan, Arden, Dumbar-
tonshire , station, Balloch
Clark, Andrew ( Clyde Paper
Co. Ltd.), Dunian, Cambuslang
Clark, John, 184 Mill st
Clark, John, confectioner, 79 Main
Clarke, Robert, M.B. CM. 233
Main street ; ho. Reuther villa
Clark, Robert, 120 Hamilton rd
Clark, T. R., 12 Abbotsford ave
Clark, William, Reuther house
Clifford, Joseph H., Rosslyn, Kelso
Clyde Paper Co. (Limited), paper
makers, Cambuslang road
Clydosdale (The) Bank, Ltd., 205
Main street
Cochrane, Alex., 7 Parkhill drive
Cochrane, Andrew, grocer and tea
merchant, 65 Main st
Cochrane, Thos., 19 Parkhill dr
Cochrane, Thos., 11 Wardlaw ave
Cole, George J., 18 Calderwood
Colquhoun, John S., Glenmore
Jedburgh avenue
Colquhoun, T. M , 42 Rosslyn ave
Colquhoun, Wm., 40 Rosslyn ave
Commercial Bank, 1 Glasgow
Comport, George EL, 160 Stonelaw
Connelly, J. M. , egg merchant, 9
Chapel street
Conner, Jas., 1 1 Limeside avenue
Cook, Alex Parkneuk, Dryburgh
Cook, John A medicil prac-
titioner, 98 Main st. ; ho. 162 do
Cook, John M. , 1 7 Abbotsford ave
Cooper, Mrs., Greenhill cottage,
Cooper, Mrs. T. Holylee, Stonelaw
Corbet, John, baker, 78 and 219
Main sreet; ho 26 Johnston dr
Core, Robt. S, 42 Wardlaw ave
Coulter, Andrew, fruiterer, 188
Main st
Couper, Mrs. D., stationer, &c,
10 Union place
Couper, Mrs. 17 Dunard road
Coutts, D, 11 Wardlaw dr
Coutts, N., 8 Wardlaw drive
Coutts, N. jr., butcher, 36 Hamil-
ton road
Craib, Geo., Rpihlmay, Dryburgh
Craig, Jas., 212 Mill st
Craig, Jas. Ardlui, Melrose avenue
Craig, Miss, furnishings and hard-
wares, 39 Mill st
Craig, Misses, milliners and dross-
makers, 237 Main street
Cram, John, M.A. M.B. CM.
physician & surgeon, 229 Main
st. ; ho. Invermay, 2 Calderwood
road; Nat. tele. 167 Rutherglen
Crawford, John, Janefield, Brae-
side avenue, Gallowflat
Crawford, John, 4 Stonelaw street
Crawford, S. licensed grooer, 18
Wallace street
Crawford, Samuel, grocer, 6 Wal-
lace St.; ho. 29 Harriet st
Crichton, John, 42 Johnston dr
Crichton, Walter, Bellgrave, Mill-
rigg rd
Crofts, Wm. 1 Belmont dr
Crosher, C. M'A., 44 Wardlaw av
Cross, Jas., confectioner, 199 Mait

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