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Wren Andrew, plumber, 167 King
Wren, Miss, furnishings and milli-
nery, '29 King st
Wright, T. W., 6 Auldhouse av
Young, Andrew, carrier, King 8t. ;
ho. 59 Harriet street
Young, Chas., nu'seryinan, Wood
cottage, Kennishead
Young, Jas., 15 High Cartcraigs et
Young, James, factor, Lochiel,
Young, M. & J. milliners and dress-
makers, 5 Maxwell st
Young, Robert, Haggs road
Young, Robert, factor, Auldfield
Young, Miss, milliner, 59 King
Yuill & Kyle, writers, 10 Pol-
lok street
Population in 1901, 21,000. This
Royal Burgh, with Kilmarnock,
Port-Glasgow, Dumbarton, aud
Renfrew, returns one Member to
Parliament, Dr. A. Rolland
Rainy, M.P.
Adam, A., hairdresser, 5 Main st
Adam, R. & D., brickinakers,
Lloyd st
Adams, Thos., 103 Stonelaw rd
Agnew, P. V., juu , gardener and
nurseryman, Gallowflat house
Aitcbison, Jas. M. 66 Maiu at
Aitebison, R., Johnston drive
Aitchison, Misses E. & M., drapers,
1 1 Catbcart st
Aitken, Hugh, 65 Chapel street
Aitken, James, spirit dealer, 55
Glasgow rd.; ho. 53 do
Aiiken, John, 66 Maiu st
Aitken, T. M., 247 Main st
Aitken, Miss L., stationer, &c, 102
Stonelaw road
Alexander & Co., Ltd. (Rutherglen),
advertising contractors, 46 Main
Alexander, H. & A. G. & Co. Ltd.
Steam Chair Works, Easttield
Alexander, Hugh, Eastfield house
Alexauder, Jas. (of Alexander &
Co.), 1 Recent st
Alexander, M J., stationer and
newsagent, 47 Main street
Allan, Arehd. & Co., advertising
agents,!.'! Dunard road
Allan, Jas., Raeville, Buchanan dr
Allan, Jas , Maybank, Parkhill dr
Allan, Jas , 3 Wardlaw drive
Allan, John, 46 Rosslyn avenue
Allan, U. & W. Ltd. carriage hirers,
73 Queen st
Allan, Simpson, 117 Stonelaw rd
Allan, Whyte, & Co. Clyde Patent
Wire Rope Works, Lloyd st
Allan, Helen, 13 Catbcart st
Allan, Mrs. 7 Wardlaw drive
Allison, W. A., Peveril avenue,
Alston, Jeanie, draper, 59 Main st
Anderson, Alex. (Farme Coal Co.,
Ltd.), Farme cottage
Anderson, David, Oakdeue, Drj-
burgh avenue
Anderson, G. S. Dunearn, Dry-
burgh avenue
Auderson, Jas. coalmastar, Farme
Coal Co. Ltd. ; res. Farme
Anderson, Jno. spirit merchant,
209 Main street
Anderson, John T., 24 Clincarthill
Anderson, Robt. spirit merchant,
149 Main street
Anderson, Robert, 23 Farmeloan rd
Anderson, William, Hopedale, Jed-
burgh avenue
Andrews, Jas., Landerneau, West-
Arbuckle, Alex, (of John Todd &
Son), bo. 11 Craignish terrace
Arbuckle, W. A., 7 Wardlaw ave
Armour, E. 1 1 Carlyle terrace
Armour, James, photographer; ho.
Grauge oottage, Gallowflat
Armstrong, R., 14 Johnston drivo
Arnott, David, 32 Clincarthill rd
Avonbank Co-operative Society,
general merchants, 10 Chapel st
Bainbridge & Co. florists, Nursery,
Mill street
Buird, Rev. Alex., 18 Jedburgh av
Baird, And. Beechwood, High
Baird, David, 10 Abbolsford ave
Baird, John, 103 Mill street
Baird, John, Albany drive, High
Baird, P. C, Craigbolm, Gallowflat
Baird, Robert, Rosebank, 23
Crossbill drive
Baird, T., painter and paperhanger;
ho. Auehengray
Baird, Win., The Tower, Melrose av
Baird, Mrs., Mossbank, Gallowflat
Baker, Samuel Thos., Winsford,
Ballactyne, John, Meldrocb, Over-
toun drive
B»llantyne,T., Fereneze, Dryburgh
Btllantyne, T. A., Anderslea,
Dryburgh avenue
Barr, Adam, grocer and provision
merchant, 28 & 218 Maiu st.
Barr, Thos., 10 Johnston drive
Barrett, H. Hamilton, chemical
manufacturer, Sbawlield Works
Barron, J. G, bl-icksmith, 222
Main st
Bartholomew, Win, spirit merchant,
39 Main street
Beattie, D., 3 Wardlaw drive
Bell, Robert, dairyman, Westfield
Bell, W. Cbff, 75 Rosslyn avenue
Bennett, Alex, watchmaker, jew-
eller, and optician, 102 Main st
Bennett, C. drapery warehouse, 166
Main street
Bennett, J. Gowaubrae
Bennett, Robert, 50 Clincarthill rd
Bennett, T. desiguer, 44 Mill st
Uiggins, John, 30 RosJyn avenue
Binuer, James, 67 Wardlaw ave
Birrell, E. & J. (masons and
brick builders), Cecilia, 18 Rosslyn
Birrell, John, Cecilia, Rosslyn ave
Bishop, Mrs. spirit merchant, 20
Main st; ho. 21 Dunard road
Bissett, John (of Gillen oVBiesett),
35 Bucbanau drive
Bissett, Robt., newsagent, 11 Gal-
lowflat Btreet
Black, James, music teacher, 35
Greenhill road
Black, Jno. hairdresser, 41 Farme-
loan road
Black, Jos. L, haiidresser, 14
Union place
Blackadder, Win., Rookford, Stone-
law road
Blackburn, A.. 196 Mill st
Blackwood, Jas. U. 35 Wardlaw
Blance, R., Weisdale, Braesid*
Boag, John, Fernbank, Stonelaw
Bolton, John, 62 Calderwood rd
Borlbwicb, Mrs., 38 Calderwood
Bowie, Robert, registered plumber
and bellhanger, 1 Stonelaw st.
and 252 Main st ; ho. Wood-
lands, High Crosshill
Bovd, A., tinsmith and gasfitter,
6 Mill st
Boyd, Jas. slater, 70 King street;
ho. 197 Main st
Boyd, Jas. spirit merchant, 9 Cath-
cart street
Boyd, Jas., 6 Watson avenue
Boyd, John, eugiueer,173 Kingst
Boyd, T. A. 43 Wardlaw avenue
Boyd, Mrs. T. J., Gowanlea, Dry*
burgh avenue

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