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Friedlander, Alex., & Co.
(meerschaum and briar), 23
Royal Exchange square
Hogan, Mary, 47 Kerr st., Calton
Improved Manufacturing Co., 70
Robertson street
M'Dougall. D. & Co. 18 Charles
st. St. Rollox
Mackenzie & Co. (celebrated " Con-
solio" pipes), 30 Gt. Clyde st
M'Lachlan, Thos., 21 Anderson st
White, Wm. & Son, 15 Gibson 9t
Fleming & Co., 31 Robertson st
Gauldie, Gillespie & Co., Broom-
hall Engine Works, 15 Broom-
hall st., Kinning Park
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd. (for
mineral boring and artesian well
sinking purposes), General Ter-
minus, Paisley rd. toll — See
name alphabetical section
Paton & Dick, 154 Howard st
Armstrong, Whitwurth, Sir W. G.
& Co., Ltd., Manchester; agent,
George Blair, 38 Queen st
Greensmith, Geo. H., & Co., Shef-
field ; agents Paton & Dick, 154
Howard street
Jessop, Wm., & Sons, Ltd.,
Sheffield ; sole representative
for Scotland, Maurice Chapman,
Glasgow office, 29 St. Vincent
place; Nat. tel., Royal 4940;
reg. tel., add. , "Jessops, Glasgow''
Sanderson Bros. & Newbould, Ld.,
Sheffield, " Saben " high-speed
tool steel; Willock, Reid & Co.,
Ltd., 109 Hope st ; tel. add,
" Systematic," Glasgow ; lei.
Nos., Nat. 83:2 Argyle; P.O. 108
Teutonic (The) Steel Works,
Ltd., Sheffield, " Ma^ta" high-
tpeed, &c. ; agents, J. L. Carty
& Co., 219 St. Vincent st
City of Glasgow Towing Co. 74
Broomielaw and Palmerston
buildings, Greenock ; agents,
A. & W. M'Kinnon
Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd. 21 Carl-
ton place
Greenock Towing Co. 1 Robertson
Steel & Bennie, Ltd. (Glasgow and
Greenock Shipping Co.), 86
Warden & Bell (agents), 75 Both-
well st
Bogle, John, Ltd. (importers), 634
Govan road
Bow's Emporium, Ltd., 61 to 71
High at, 2 to 22 Bell street, and
2 to 10 Walls st. city
Brown, Jas. M. & Co. 27 Oswald st
Burns, Wm., & Co. (late Burns,
Crawford & Co.), 84 Miller st
Dove, John (wholesale), 1 St.
Andrew's sq and 31 and 33 St.
Andrew's st. ; factory, 44 St.
Andrew's sq
Frederick*. S., & Co., 149 Byres rd
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co., L-d., 20
Buchanan street
Lawton, Aaron, 50 Blackfaulds pi
Luke, Eliza, 287 Argyle st
Lumley, F.A., 80-82 Sauchiehall st
Mackie, J. F., 39-40 Argyll arcade
Rattray, Charles, & Co. (wholesale)
14 and 16 Candleriggs
Sloan, A. F. & Co., 36 Oxford st
Stamm, I. H. (dolls' house), 28
Argyll arcade
Todd, Cunningham & Petrie, 29
Albion st
Todd, George, & Sons, 71-85
Todd. William, & Son, 20-22
Wilson st
Turnbull, James (manufacturer),
22 Elliot st
Kerr, Wm. & Co. Gieenbank st.
Govan rd.; telephone No. 1740
South side
Kings & Co., Ltd. (road rollers), 88
Gt. Clyde st. ; Nat, tel., 1118
Ro> al . telegrams, " Kerbing "
Macfarlane & Sons, Ltd., 153-
155 Elliot st. ; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 1277 Argyle, P.O. 2085
Mann's Traction Engines & Wagor s,
Doddrell Bros., 11 Bothwell st
Road Steam Engines Co. .Ltd. ,
5 and 6 Finnieston quay. Tele-
phone Nos. — Nat., 115 Argyle ;
P.O., 4429
Agency for British, Foreign, and
Colonial patents, designs, and
trade marks, H. D. Fitzpatrick,
100 Wellington st
Agency for trade marks registra-
tion, J. Alfred Brewer, 58 St.
Vincent street
Bottomley & Liddle, chartered
patent agents, 154 S.Vincent st
Brown, Robt,, & Co., 26 Renfield
Browne, T B., Ltd. 22 Renfield
street ; Nat. tele. Royal 18x ;
head office, 163 Queen Victoria
street, London, E.C.
Cruikshank & Fairweather, Ltd.,
62 St. Vincent st. and 65-66
Chancery lane, London, W.C.
Johnsons, Messrs., chartered
patent agents, 37 West Nile
street (St. Vincent street
corner) ; handbook giving full
information as to British,
Foreign, and Colonial regis-
tration of trade marks, gratis.
The register containing all trade
marks and names already regis-
tered can be inspected at Messrs.
Johnsons' office, free of charge.
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co., agents,
British, Colonial, and foreign
(for the registration of trade i
marks and designs, and the ob-
taining of patents at lowest
charges; the " Inventor's Guide "
gratis), 96 Buchanan st. — See
Adv. in App.
Carson & Carson, 65 King street,
Commercial Aid Society — Depart-
ments, business agency, debt
recovery, and status enquiry;
E. Hall Wright, F.S.A.A.,
Cooper, Craig, & Craig, The
United Mercantile Agency, for
inquiries, debts, and The Com-
mercial Compendium, giving
Sheriff Court decrees, protests,
bankruptcies, list of creditors,&c.
established in Glasgow 40 years,
and in London 70 years, corres-
pondents throughout the world ;
156 St. Vincent street
Credit Index Co.,Ltd., 82 Gordon st
Credit Reform Association, 82
Gordon st
Dun, R. G. & Co. (The) Mercantile
Agency, 55 West Regent st
Institute W. Schimmelpfeng
Gordon chambers, 82 Mitchell
St.; head office for Great Britain
and Ireland, 137 Cheapside,
London, E.C., also offices in
Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds,
Manchester, Berlin, Barcelona,
Brussels.Constantinople, Lisbon,
Milan, Paris, St. Petersburg,
Vienna, Zurich, &c, &c
Kemp's Mercantile Offices, Weekly
Mail Buildings, 102 Union
street; G. W. Chandler,
manager ; and at Edinburgh,
also at 46 Cannon st. London,
E.C; west - end branch, 10
Argyle St., Regent St., London,
W.; Birmingham, Bristol, Brad-

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