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&c. ; also bars, angles, bulb
aDgles, tees, bulb tees, channels,
stay bars, &c. ; steel rolls, heavy
castings, ingots, blooms, or slabs;
Dalzell 3-crown Swedish special
steel, also Dalzell 4- crown nickel
steel; Glasgow office, 8 Gordon
street; London office, 54 Old
Broad st. E.C.; head offices,
Motherwell: telephones, Mother-
well No. 9, and direct wire9
from Glasgow, No. 3755 Royal,
and Post Office Trunk No. 31,
also private wire from 8 Gordon
street to works
Consett Iron Co. Ltd. 75 Buchanan
Crawford, A. R. (representative for
B. Huntsman, Sheffield), 150
Port Dundas road
Crucible Steel Companyof America,
39 Cadogan st
Dalziel, Wm., & Co. 53 Waterloo
Davidson & Co. 53 Waterloo
Dempster, Moore, & Co. Ltd. 49
Robertson st.
Denovan, Wm., Clyde Saw Works,
Dalmarnock rd. ; office, 611
Argyle st
Dick, James, 93 Hope street
Dobie, W. A. 11 Bothwell
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. sole agents
for "Saville's" steel and files,
also " Special Triumph " high
speed steel and twist drills, 68
Gordon St
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd.
35 M' Alpine st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan
Dorman, Long & Co., Ltd., Mid-
dlesbrough ; sole agents for
West of Scotland, H. R. Harding
& Co., Gordon chambers, 90
Mitchell street
Dunlop, Jas. & Co. Ltd. manufac-
turers of Siemens- Martin mild
steel plates for boilers, ships,
bridges, and tanks, 7 Royal
Bank place
Dunlop, Thos. & Co. 25 Wellington
Eekhout & Co. 82 Gordon st
Elder & Co. 129 Old Kelvinhaugh
Eiswor th, John, & Sons, Ltd.
39 Robertson st., and at Aus-
tralian Works, Sheffield
Etna Iron and Steel Co. Mother-
Ewing, J. L. & Co. 156 St. Vin-
cent street
Feldtmann, R. & Co., 55 W. Regent
Fergus, James, & Co. 58 York
Firth, Thos., & Sons, Ltd., Shef-
field; Glasgow office, 144 St.
Vincent st
Flather, W. T. Ltd. Standard Steel
Works, Sheffield; agent, Edwin
S. Yates, 17 Oswald street
Fleming & Co. 31 Robertson st
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
Flockton, Tompkin & Co., Ltd.,
Newhall Steel Works, Sheffield ;
Gla-gow office, 116 St. Vincent
st.; Archd. M'Lay, representa-
Fox, Samuel, & Co, Ltd.,
Sheffield. Production, Bessemer
Siemens and crucible steel
rails, tyres, axles, spiral and
volute springs, files ; agents, A.
& J. M'Culloch, 140 W. George
Gartcosh Steel and Iron Works
(Saaith & M'Lean, Ltd.), Gart-
Glasgow (The) Iron and Steel Co.
Ltd. Wishaw
Glengaroock (The) Iron and Steel
Co. Ltd. 127 St. Vincent st
Goodall, Andrew, 28-32 Oswald
si reet
Goudie & Whittet, 62 Howard st
Greig. David, & Co. 41 Douglas
Greensmith, Geo H., & Co.,
Hereford Steel Works, Sheffield;
agents, Paton & Dick, 154
Howard street
Hadfleld's Steel Foundry
Co., Ltd., Sheffield ; repre-
sentative, Fredk. S. Squire, Box
5, Royal Excharjge
Hamilton, W. 95 Bath street
Hannay, Thos. 217 Buchanan
Harding, H. R., & Co., Gordon
chambers, 90 Mitchell st
Henderson, Chas. & Co. 73
Robertson street
Henderson, Wm. B. 46 Portugal
Hillis, Marrs & Co., London
(Continental and British) ;
agents, Sibbald, Deans & Co.,
157 St. Vincent st
Hollis, Henry E. 87 Union st.,
director of Seebohm & Dieck-
stahl, Ltd. Sheffield ; telephone
Nos., Nat. 4972; P.O. 2972
Huntsman, B. Sheffield; A. R.
Crawford, agent, 150 Port
Dundas road
Hutchison, George H, 24 George
Jacks, Wm., & Co., 19 St. Vincent
Jackson, John & Co., Balmoral
Iron Yard, South st. Scotstoun
Jenkins, James, & Son, 124 St.
Vincent street
manufacturers of Jessop's
crucible cast steel of all
grades, and for all pur-
poses ; nickel and vana-
dium steels, milling cutter
blanks, special steels for
motor cars, sheet steel,
hot and cold rolled,
high - speed steel, self-
hardening steel, mint die
steel, mining steel, for
rock drills, lagging sheets,
Jessop's special finish,
steel castings to any
weight or size, spur and
bevel wheels and pinions,
stem and stern frames,
propeller brackets, bosses
and blades, rudder frames,
solid rudders, quadrants
for stearing gear, Jessop's
patterns, steel forgings,
rough turned or finished,
crank and line shafting,
hollow or solid steel
ingots, blooms and billots,
files, saws, hammers. Sole
representative for Scot-
land, Maurice Chapman;
Glasgow office, 29 St. Vin-
cent pi. Nat. tel., Royal
4910. Reg. tel. address,
" Jessops, Glasgow"

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